I wrote yesterday that Robert was attending a one week fun trip under the auspices of the Miami Childrens Hospital for youthful cancer survivors. The group consists of about 32 kids. Boys and girls.

Saturday night they attended the Marlins game. The group received all kinds of goodies and acknowledgements. Met the players, practised on the field, one threw out the opening pitch, etc.

I write this blog and everyone things I am very computer savy. I am not.

Lisa received a picture yesterday of Robert at the Marlins game. He is standing in a line with the other cancer survivors. Some Marlin players behind them.

Lisa posted the picture on Facebook this morning. Go to facebook and see it. Search Lisa Malcom. Robert is the third from left. The one with the blond hair. The picture will touch your heart. Guaranteed.

Because I am computer inept when it comes to posting pics, I have to send you directly to Lisa on Facebook.

These children are cancer survivors. Lisa talked with the mother of one of the other children last night. The mother had visited with the kids briefly yesterday. When she came upon them, they were openly talking about having had cancer and that they could have died. They were showing each other their scars.

Robert is aware of what he went through at birth. Even though cured, he is aware it affects his life. For example, he has to be checked at Miami Childrens Hospital till he is 21. He and the family pack up the car and go several times a year. How could he not understand!

God bless these kids!

Sloan and I worked long and hard yesterday morning. Our early Sunday was committed to organizing the 600 pictures taken on my trip. Soon some will be exhibited in epilogue fashion. Not all 600. That became clear yesterday. We have decided on showing the best 50. We are still getting down to that number. If 50 does not do it, I will figure some way of showing more. You shall not miss the good ones.

Walked big time again. After Sloan and I had finished. Longer than the previous day. I must keep it up! That last comment sounds sensual. Not meant to be. Sounds good, though.

There are many tourists in Key West. I am pleased. Both tourists and merchants are happy. This is a good time to visit Key West. Prices are generally half off. Meals 2 for 1. A bargain.

I spent a lot of time at the Plantation Coffee House. Reading the Sunday newspapers and sipping coffee. Both Theo and Diane were there. A hard working couple. Pleasant people.

There were several tourists seated in one area. They were chatting about the weather. The topic of discussion was whether it was going to rain yesterday. It was around one. The sun was bright and hot. Few clouds. The morning had been the same. They were convinced it would not. One of them even said he checked everything out on the internet and he was certain that it was going to be a dry day.

I wanted to tell them how wrong they were. I did not want to bust their bubble, however. It rains every day in Key West in the summer. it is our rainy season.

Sure enough around four, the deluge came. Torrential rain.

Chickens have been a problem over the years in Key West. Several years ago the city fathers paid someone to remove the chickens. Chickens are some sort of an endangered species in Florida. They cannot be killed. They must be captured, properly crated, and sent to a chicken farm somewhere in northern Florida to enjoy the rest of their days.

Key West hired a chicken catcher. He was to receive $20 per chicken. The caging and trucking expenses north were to come out of the $20. The chicken catcher did not last long. He quit. Said he could not make money. The chickens still rule the streets of Key West.

Yesterday’s Key West Citizen had an interesting article. Somewhat related.

Page 2 of the Citizen daily publishes historical events. The paper calls it Today In Key West History. One of the items mentioned occurred 100 years ago. It involved the city and county commissions getting together at a special meeting to combat what apparently was a problem at the time. The bubonic plague. Heavy stuff. The two commissions voted to pay anyone who would help to eliminate the rodents who caused the problem. Five cents per rat, one cent per mouse. Dead or alive.

Hemingway Days start to day. Run through Sunday. One of the big events is the Hemingway Look A-Like Contest. It is held annually at Sloppy Joe’s. Now that I have a beard, all of seven weeks old, I considered entering. On second thought, I realized I am not ready. The beard needs to grow more. Perhaps next year.

I feel good. The jet lag seems to have gone. However, I layed down again yesterday afternoon at 4 for a short nap. Did not wake till 9. Screwed up my game plan for the night. It was to have been dinner at the bar at La Trattoria and visiting with Kathy and Becha. Perhaps next week.

Enjoy your day!

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