Good morning! From glorious Key West. Where it is raining! And looks like it is going to rain all day.

I am sorry there are so many photos of my trip. Over 600. To be expected I guess from a seven week trip.

I spent the better part of yesterday going through the pictures. Selecting the ones I thought best to share with you. I did not finish. Selected too many. They are all good!

I have been advised I cannot run 600 pics. Would slow down everyone’s computers. A decision has been made. I am going to break the photos down to each of the seven places visited. Plus an extra category or two for some unusual experiences. Like the volcano. Then select the best ten of each category.

I feel bad. Like I am cheating everyone. Any ideas, let me know.

I walked Duval a bit early in the evening. Hemingway Days in full swing. Booths along the street selling all kinds of things. One of the most active booths was selling food. Greek food. I looked. Nothing looked like what I ate in Greece. I passed. Did not try any of the items.

Worked my way into Sloppy Joe’s. More people than the fire laws probably allowed. The Hemingway look a likes were on stage. It was the finals.

The heat was too much for me. I left Sloppy’s and Duval. Headed for the air conditioned Chart Room.

JJ bartending. Sheila and Captain Peter at the bar.

I sat next to a lovely woman. Turned out she was Greek. Her name Elena. Likes to be referred to as the Key West Greek.

I had never met her before. Elena has been in and out of Key West her whole life. She has lived elesewhere, also. All over the world!

Elena is an artist. A mixed media artist. Paintings, woood burning, etc. Her work is being shown at Hogfish, the Greene Street Cigar Company, and the Estate Liquidation Warehouse.

I enjoyed her company. She knew Greece intimately. Great conversation!

Elena made me feel good. She brought up ages. Told me she was older than me. I said no way. I am older than everyone. She said she was 59. Blew her mind when I told her I was 77. I think it is the beard. I may never shave it off.

Sheila had a friend. Mary Antoine. Mary was down from Fort Lauderdale. She is into cruising and franchising.

I desired a veal chop. To Michael’s.

Sat at the bar.

Two gentlemen next to me. In their early 60s. We chatted. One started talking about Woodstock back in 1969. He had been there. For all three days. Made sense. Once you were in, you could not get out.

He told us about his experiences at Woodstock. Except for one. His friend and I asked simultaneolusly…..But did you get laid? The laughs were gut wrenching. He did. In the mud and rain.

It was celebrity night at Michael’s. Paula Dean came in. With a large group. Her husband is a contestant in the Hemingway look alike contest. Paula is the TV chef. Oprah loves her. She is world famous.

Paula was well received. Most knew of her. I did not realize so many people were into cooking. She was gracious. Acknowledged everyone. Enjoyed her evening.

Robert got home last night. Lisa and Corey drove to Miami to pick him up. Lisa said he was tired. He looked like he had not slept in a week.

The family and I are having dinner together tonight at the Yacht Club.

It is 10 am. The British Open is coming up on television. Must hurry to watch it.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Try making a video slideshow with your pictures. You can do that, add your voice to each picture, and then post it to YouTube. Afer it’s posted, you can add the link to your blog, and the video will show up. You could do one video for each week of pictures, or put them all on one video. It’s pretty easy to do, if you have some editing software on your computer. Here is a video that I did in memory of my sister. Just a picture slideshow, but instead of a voice over, I chose a song.

  2. Louis,

    You could also check into one of the picture sharing sights where you could store pics and then have them be ‘shared’. We use a site called Fototime….there are others, shutterfly, picasa, etc. Then, you can just direct folks to that particular site. I’m sure Sloan or Lisa can help you find the site that is right for you! It is also a good place to have ‘backup’ storage for pictures so that they are not only on your own computer but stored out there in cyberland

    I can understand how difficult it must be to cull these pictures down to just a few. Let those who view decide how fast or slow they want to view these and what they want to just fly by!

  3. Hi,Lou
    Elena told me she met you she is my ex wife of 20 years!
    Ed Jones
    (a block from the rock in Plymouth,Ma)

  4. Looking forward to seeing your photos. We were in Key West for Hemingway Days, and only made it through two hours of the second night of competition. I likely have photos of Paula Dean and didn’t even realize it. Sloppy Joe’s was packed, Duval was busy, busier than any time we’ve ever visited.

    We didn’t eat at Michael’s this time, although it’s one of my favorites. We tried Cafe Sole–were the only tourists in the place. Food was great, place was cozy. Also went back to Flaming Buoy for their incredible lobster mac and cheese.

    Thanks for sharing your Key West life. Someday we hope to make it our home too.

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