Yesterday was Sunday.

I was lazy till mid afternoon. Stayed in bed watching the British Open and then a movie.

Ernie Els won the British Open. I was pleased for him. He has had a difficult time the past few years. He is on the downward spiral of his career. Then from out of the blue, he wins a major championship!

I thought Tiger Woods might do what Els did. However, Tiger faded as the day went on.

Poor Adam Scott. Played fantastic golf for 3 days and 14 holes. Then the world fell in on him! I suspect he choked. It happens. He bogeyed the last 4 holes.

Els’ demonstrated the champion he was when he sunk a 15 foot birdie putt on the last hole to tie Scott.

It was an early dinner at the Yacht Club. Lisa and the family joined me. First time I had seen Robert since he returned. He enjoyed it all! He told me about his first baseball game watching the Marlins play, swimming with the dolphins again, and bacon.

Lisa is fanatic about what she feeds her children. Little meat. Turkey bacon. None of that fatty greasy stuff.

Robert had bacon every morning at camp. Real bacon. He acquired a taste for it. Went to the salad bar twice last night to refill his plate with bacon pieces.

Ally was wearing the dress I bought her in Navaro. Long and white. Beautiful. An angel.

It was Chinese night. Everything was brought to the table family style. Robert demonstrated something else he did for the first time at camp. He ate with chop sticks. Clumsily, but he did it. With no fanfare. He picked them up and started eating. Never said to anyone that he knew how.

I expect Robert and Ally here at any moment. I am babysitting today. I am taking them to Five Guys for lunch. Bacon cheeseburgers. Robert will go wild!

Stopped at the Chart Room for a drink. A good crowd. JJ, David, Captain Peter and Frankie. I was amazed. These guys were talking about Paula Deen. They all knew of her and watched her Food Network shows. David ran into her at Fausto’s and exchanged a brief pleasantry with her.

Deen cooks Southern style. Lots of butter. The Chart Room group talked about her appearance on Oprah. Oprah asked/told Deen….. all that butter, isn’t it unhealthy. Deen replied…..I am a cook, not a doctor.

She was here for the Hemingway Look Alike Contest. Her husband Michael Groover was entered. He did not win. No shame. There were 139 other contestants. My friend Hemingway Hank did not win either. He was a finalist for the ninth time.

I was not aware that Paula Deen was known to so many. I find it interesting that her cooking show has so many viewers from all walks of life. The whole world watches her!

Then to the movies. Tropic Cinema. Wanted to see To Rome With Love. Do not bother going. I was disappointed in the film. It never came together.

Roberto Benigni was in the film. He is the Italian actor that won the Academy Award for Best Actor about ten years ago. He was the only good thing in a film which had many big stars.

Besides Benigni, there was a part of the film that excited me. Benigni was a white collar worker. He and his family lived in a nice apartment in a typical Italian building. In one scene, Benigni walks out the front door of the building and is overwhelmed by the press. In the background is a clothesline with clothes hanging to dry on it. A first floor clothesline.

The same type clothesline I saw in every part of Italy I visited. Clotheslines were everywhere to be seen on the trip. Prosperous homes, poor homes. Window to window, as in the film. On front porches, also.

Ran into Stacey and Robert at the theatre. Donna’s daughter and son in law. Donna and Terri arrive on the 29th for a week.

Joe Paterno’s statue came down in the wee hours of the morning yesterday. Six thirty. Like a thief in the night. An acquiesence to the mob’s cry for blood.

His statue will be returned to its place of honor in 10-20 years. America is forgiving.

I could not help thinking as I watched the covered statue being removed of Shakespeare’s words. Uttered by Mac Anthony in eulogy to the dead Ceasar…..The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones.

The Greek portion of my trip is constantly popping up in my head. I truly enjoyed Greece.

Enjoy your day!