The die is cast.

Romney has selected Paul Ryan as his running mate. The decision sets up the most decisive run for the Presidency in my life time. One as important as the 1860 Presidential race which elected Lincoln.

The candidates and the parties are diametrically opoposed. The election result obviously depends on the will of the people.

The citizens of the United States could be deciding the direction of this country for the next twenty years. That is, if the Republicans are successful. If the Democrats win, it will merely move the battle forward to be waged again in four years.

Yesterday’s internet show a hit! Much reaction from viewers following the show.

The topic garnering the most response involved Ashley Moser’s triple tragedy. Ashley was in the Aurora movie theater when the shooting took place. Her 6 year old daughter Veronica was killed. Ashley was pregnant at the time. She was shot. She miscarried. Ashley’s wounds leave her paralyzed for life. The doctors are hopeful she will be able to use her arms.

I visited a bit with Lisa after the show. Love of my life!

Had lunch at Hogfish while reading the newspapers.

Spent the afternoon at home. Watched the PGA and wrote a bit. Tiger played well. He is tied for the lead. The course was a horror to play. I have never seen winds that bad during a golf tournament.

Key West is into its second week of a two year remodeling/renovation of North Roosevelt Boulevard. A pain in the ass! Traffic screwed up. Traffic moving very slowly. Detours not effective. Detoured roads plugged. Stop lights adjusted improperly.

I will adjust. So will everyone else in Key West. The repair is a good thing. Much needed. It just takes a bit of time for us natives to become accustomed to inconvenience.

My plan was to go downtown last night and hit a few spots. It was pouring when I was leaving. Big time. I changed my plans.

I drove from my garage to the Marriott Beachside. Parked in their garage. Never rained on Louis.

Tavern ‘n Town was boominmg. All tourists, except for me. I enjoyed a huge prime rib.

Billy and Cindy Schott. I sometimes am computer illiterate. I lost the pics you sent yesterday. Please resend to the same e mail address. Thank you.

Enjoy your day!


I spent all day Monday writing. From morning to early evening. Initially outside in the shade of the tiki hut. When the rains came in the afternoon, they were of the monsoon type. Blowing side ways. I moved inside. It was better anyhow. The air conditioning was a relief.

I spent a considerable amount of time working on Friday’s internet show. It is coming along. When I tired of it, I wrote ten pages of the book I am working on. Ten pages is a lot. I was in the right frame of mind and the material poured out.

One of the topics for Friday’s show involves an Ashley Moser. Ashley was in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado last week. Her six year old daughter was killed. Ashley was shot. Ashley was pregnant at the time. She miscarried. She was advised this week that she will be paralyzed the rest of her life. The doctors are not sure whether she will be a paraplegic or quadraplegic. It depends on whether she will have the use of her arms.

They say God never gives any person more than what that person can handle. The statement does not apply in Ashley’s case. What mental strength this woman will require to go on.

I woke in the middle of the night with a red and sandy eye. I think I have pink eye. I have an appointment this morning to see Dr. Lefferts.

Enjoy your day!