Lisa had given me my marching orders. I was babysitting for a couple of hours Saturday morning so she could get her hair done.

Robert and Ally were waiting for me. I told them Pepe’s or Harpoon Harry’s for breakfast. They had never been to Pepe’s and were a bit reluctant to go. I said…..you must go. We went. No room at the inn. I did not want to stand on the sidewalk waiting for a table. We walked down the street to Harpoon Harry’s.

Robert and Ally were comfortable there. They had been to Harpoon Harry’s many times. We had a long slow breakfast. Talked of many things important to children. Like Disney World. I asked if they knew Bugs Bunny. They did. I told them how Friday was his birthday. He was born on July 27, 1940. His first film came out. Wild Hare. I explained to them what a hare was.

Returned the grandkids to Lisa. Went directly home. Worked about three hours writing. Tried to do it outside. Could not. Too humid. Exceptionally humid. Worked inside in the comfort of air conditioning.

Needed a break. Drove to the Plantation Coffee House. Enjoyed a cup of coffee and read the newspapers.

When I returned home, Lisa and the grandkids were in the pool.

Jenna and I went out together last night. My date!

Jenna had not seen me since my return from Europe. My beard blew her out. She liked it.

We hit the Chart Room first. JJ, Frankie and Che there. Jenna and I did not communicate much with them. She was interested in my trip. It consumed our time at the Chart Room.

Dinner was at the bar at Michael’s. Suzette bartending. I had the veal chop special. To die for. Jenna had the coconut shrimp appetizer. Jenna is a cheap date. She does not eat.

We had a good time at Michael’s. Besides the trip, Jenna brought me up to date on her activities as a TV anchor.

I dropped Jenna off after dinner and headed over to Don’s Place. It was next to empty. Kurt bartending. We chatted a bit.

Erika and Herschel were shooting pool. Herschel had been hypnotized earlier in the day. He is trying to stop smoking. It might work. He snuck a puff or two afterwards and upchucked.

Sloan is due later in the morning. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Tonight the bands will play and the drums roll. Donna and Terri are returning. They will be my house guests for ten days.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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