Front page picture in this morning’s Key West Citizen is a crocodile sunning on a boulder off Smathers Beach. The crocodile was described as a juvenile. Looked pretty big to me. Ominous.

In my years in Key West, I am not aware of a crocodile sighting. Maybe 1 or 2 up the keys. Crocs are not common  to our area. Iguanas, one python, vultures, mosquitoes, cats and dogs. But, no crocodiles!

I hope something can be done about this crocodile. Many swim Smathers Beach waters as well as those of nearby Higgs Beach. The Citizen’s short news report indicated the crocodile had been viewed off Smathers for a few days before the photo was taken. Was the public warned?

The humorous/sad part of this story is that crocodiles are a protected species. I assume that protection  does not extend to the authorities doing something about the crocodile.

I went to Church yesterday morning. Unity Congregational. To show honor and respect to my friend Rick Boettger. Rick announced several weeks ago in KONK Life that his time on earth is limited. Prostrate cancer.

Rick reflected on his life. Touching.

Rick’s wife Cynthia sitting in the front row. Afterwards, we exchanged a hug and kiss. Rick and I hugged, also.

Rick is an intellectual of sorts. He expressed an interest in our sitting down together  to discuss world problems and solutions. I believe such a meeting will take place soon. We did a similar get together several months ago on the rear deck at Rick’s home. Cynthia and Pru Sowers present. With drinks in hand, the world was a better place by the time we finished our talk.

Wrote this week’s KONK Life column in the afternoon. Young Man To Pope. Unusual human events in Pope Francis’ life that contributed to the man we have come to know today. Events that helped mold Francis into the person he is.

Watched the end of the golf tournament and race to the FedEx Cup. Jordan Spieth impressive. Twenty two years old. He won $22 million this year.

Sunday night for me has been Roostica. The special is spaghetti with meatballs, sausage and pork. Like my grandmother made.

When I left home, it was not raining. Roosstica is 2 miles from my home. At the end of one mile, it started pouring. By the time I got to Roostica, the rain was extremely heavy. Limited vision.

I sensed the rain was not going to end shortly. I did not want to run the ten feet to Roostica from where my car was parked. I would have been drenched!

I turned around and drove to the Marriott’s Tavern ‘n Town. The Marriott’s parking garage is covered. The lobby a door away. No rain cascading down on me.

Yesterday’s Citizen carried the bocce listings. Our team is tied with another for second place. Our records 13-2. The number one team is 14-1. A great year so far!

Enjoy your day!




  1. There has been at least one croc hanging around the Ramrod area for the past few years. There are alligators in the fresh water on Big Pine but they don’t wander, maybe they have enough venison to keep themselves happy. [smiley face]

  2. American crocodiles are native to south florida, but they are rare hence the protection. Around 700 in the 1970’s up to around 2000 now estimated to live in SF.


    Crocs are native to south Florida and the only place where alligators and crocs live together. Because of their increase once they became protected its natural they would migrate to the south. I don’t know whether this is why they are showing up in the keys or if its because people have gotten rid of their ‘pets’. Maybe its both.
    Pythons and now the very aggressive rock pythons in south Florida are on the increase because of irresponsible people. Even Cobras are starting to show up.

  4. I wish the crocs weren’t protected. They need to be culled like alligators. It seems at least a couple of times a year these things take dogs from docks or from the shoreline. Usually this happens around key largo. Just a matter of time before it’s a child. There’s a humongous croc that hangs out around fort Jefferson but doesn’t seem to bother people We don’t need one at smathers for sure.

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