Few would take lead comment this morning away from Pope Francis. One of the few is Yogi Berra. An outstanding baseball player, nice guy and recycler of the English language. It ain’t over ’till it’s over…..One of the best!

He died yesterday at the age of 90. Never will be forgotten. May he rest in peace.

Now for the second team. The Pope!

I was glued to the TV set yesterday watching his arrival in Washington. I found his arrival emotional. He speaks to the masses today outside at the National Mall. Tomorrow, he addresses a Joint Session of Congress.

Many dislike him. Prominent persons. Especially Republicans.

This morning’s column by George Will attacks the Pope without mercy. Certain Washington figures speak aggressively concerning him.

Why, I do not understand. The man is Christ like. He is being referred to as The People’s Pope. His concern is for the downtrodden. Not the wealthy, not capitalists. He simply says feed, house and clothe everyone, be concerned for everyone. What is so troublesome about such? Jesus spoke no differently.

The Seven Mile Bridge will be closed off and on today. For five minute periods each time. A permit has been given to an advertising firm to do so. A commercial is being filmed.

My yesterday started with an airport stop. It was good friend time. I picked someone up.

Roostica for lunch. I am becoming more Italian every day. Enjoyed a dish of sauce covered meatballs.

Spent the afternoon fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show.

Dinner at Hurricane Hole. It had been several years since I was last there. It is close to my home. I stay away because the bar is not placed correctly. The setting sun shines directly on the bar. Reflects off the water onto the bar. A steam bath!

I sat at a table with an umbrela to avoid he sun. Fortunately, it was overcast which helped.

At 9, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Two mid-east stories seemed the most popular.

The one about the Afghan commander who handcuffed a young boy to his bed. The boy was used as a sex slave by the commander evenings.

The other concerned Saudi Arabia. Our false friends. Saudi Arabia is Chairman of the UN Human Rights Commission. They are about to crucify a 20 year old for illegal protesting and carrying a gun. His head will first be chopped off. His body then hung headless on a cross for three days.

Screw off day today. Finally, wednesday! No writing to do. Except for this blog, of course.

Enjoy your day!


7 comments on “IT AIN’T OVER ‘TIL IT’S OVER

  1. I’m a lapsed catholic and a republican, and he’s a hard person not to like. In fact I’m up here in northern virginia to see the papal sights. What I do not like is the way the liberal media has portrayed and tried to use him to promote their political agenda — our president is guilty as well. I was pleased that Pope Frances has stated he is not a liberal. Both he and the Vatican are concerned over the way he is portrayed. The latest liberal commercial is playing nonstop up here, with democratic members of congress thanking him for his support on climate change, (insert your liberal concern here) — of course nobody brings up his position on abortion. Crickets on that topic. My guess is that the pope will address that and a host of issues before he leaves town. Traffic is a nightmare here, but that is temporary and to be expected.

  2. “Why, I do not understand. The man is Christ like. He is being referred to as The People’s Pope. His concern is for the downtrodden. Not the wealthy, not capitalists. He simply says feed, house and clothe everyone, be concerned for everyone. What is so troublesome about such? Jesus spoke no differently.”

    While I certainly agree the Pope is not liberal he also is no capitalist. He is intelligent and knows the climate change science is real, the effects already evident and mankind has a major impact into making it worse which disproportionately makes the lives of the poor terrible, the rich 1% could care less. Man is a pretty stupid animal at times, look at how we over fish the oceans to depletion, clear cut forests and rain forests to the point of no top soil and mudslides, etc. We always think short-term, for our own benefit and to hell with the future. The Pope is calling us out on that debt we are dumping onto our grand kids. Add in the trillions in financial shenanigans and debt, federal massive overspending by both parties and entire nations like Greece on the blocks and Syria totally failed and we are REALLY messing up the future.

    I suggest liberal/conservative, communist, socialist whateverist had best get together to figure out how 9 billion people can share are one little rock together without murdering each other through war, killing off the planet and leaving a clean and blessed legacy for the future.

    Based on what I have seen for decades, that is a fantasy we will never see so things will only get worse from here.

  3. Ah, not to worry.
    Just elect Bernie and his $18 trillion worth of proposed new programs will solve all our issues. [ we really need a sarcasm font, you need to work on that]

    • Well no, Bernie would mean we’d all be Greek and other than their lovely islands Lou talks about, I’d pass. I still like the flat or fair tax with no exceptions and no deductions or tax shelters. Then,and here is the trick, the idiots in Congress can only spend the billions that come in.

      Never happen regardless of who wins the “Clown & Pony” show next November.

  4. Marty, it was my feeble attempt at sarcasm.

    And, I have too much respect for ponies and clowns to include them in this comedy [ or travesty ]. [smiley face]

  5. “Captialism” — which is not what we in the USA have now — has figured out how to lift us out of poverty. Every time the Gooferment interferes we’re worse out. The Pope is right that we should be more charitable, but that doesn’t mean more Big Gooferment imho. Gooferment has destroyed the Black community with the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs”, “welfare rules, and the minimum wage. Tough love is needed for the welfare / warfare state .

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