She was raised in the Madison/Hanover area of Indiana. Popular. Went on to become a school teacher. Found emeralds and gold with Mel Fisher. Became known as the Key West Golden Girl. Married Joe. Became a mother. Then a grandmother. Loved by everyone.

First known as Jean Esther Crabtree. Then and now Jean Thornton.

I first visited the Chart Room last night. Met Paula and David. Presently reside in Louisville, Kentucky. Paula raised in the Madison/Hanover area. Paula knew Jean. In a subordinate way. Actually, Paula’s sister Sheila was one of Jean’s best friends. Jean and Sheila went to grade school together. Paula is six years younger than Jean.

Paula has not seen Jean in 46 years. Last in 1969. They are Facebook friends, however.

Paula shared all the secret poop about Jean. Ho ho!

Jean, glad you married Joe. Thornton a more attractive last name than Crabtree. Funny, you are the farthest thing from a crab. A shining Key West star, you bring a bit of joy to everyone you touch.

Your long ago “friend” Paula a lovely lady. She now works for Duke Energy. Her job sounded important. Paula’s husband David is a retired accountant. He did not know the Jean we were talking about.

At the other end of the bar sat two lovely ladies. Nina and Mary. Both retired. Both had visited Key West previously. Having a wonderful time!

My day yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. Had to wear my yellow slicker to get there. Raining big time!

For whatever reason, I was tired. Spent the afternoon lying around. Sleeping a bit, watching Pope Francis a bit.

After the Chart Room, finished the evening with a leisurely dinner at the Hot Tin Roof.

Key West is extremely quiet at the moment. Very few tourists. The weekend was boisterous with the bikers. Activity will pick up this weekend.

In between the treadmill and collapsing on the couch, I got to chat with Susan Wadia-Ells. A charming interesting lady. A full time Key West resident since 2012.

Susan is into the prevention of breast cancer. She has been working at it for eight years. She has researched breast cancer ad infinitum and traveled far speaking with experts.

Susan has come up with what she describes as a metabolic theory re cancer. Not a treatment. Treatment comes after a woman develops breast cancer. Her theory is to prevent breast cancer from even occurring. Stop the cancer before it starts!

Her program involves three basic steps. Diet, sufficient in take of vitamin D3, and no progestogen based drugs.

She has written a book spelling out her thoughts. Soon to be published. Busting Breast Cancer A Revolution. She also will be scheduling Busting Breast Cancer Workshops.

Pope Francis’ visit continues to be an emotional experience for me. As far as the Pope is concerned, respect has gone out the window. Many conservative and far right Republicans are knocking the hell out of him. One referred to the Pope as “…..just a guy with a funny hat.”

The Pope speaks at 10 this morning before a Joint Session of Congress. I hope all listen to his words and pay him the respect his due.

I spoke on my blog talk radio show tuesday night about Martin Shkreli. He had purchased a generic drug company and increased the cost of a highly used drug 5,000 percent overnight. He was porky about having done it when being interviewed on TV.

Twenty four hours later, the bad publicity must have been too much for him. He announced he would reduce the cost of the generic. He did know yet by how much. Claimed he had to study the numbers.

Shkreli is only 32 years old. He has had an interesting business career in the short time he has been working. He is a former hedge fund manager. At some point in his career, he took a stock company public. The company was insolvent. Shkreli has been sued for $65 billion dollars.

Bocce tonight.

This week’s KONK Life column U.S. War Ready? linked this morning to my Key West Lou website. If you are unable to read the column in the paper, you can find it there.

I view China as a problem in the column.

China’s President Xi Jinping is in the U.S. this week seeking business for China and to meet with President Obama.

While this kumbaya visit and meeting with Obama is to take place, China announced it will shortly launch a new vessel carrying new intercontinental ballistic missiles, each capable of carrying two nuclear warheads.

The new missiles are capable of targeting any area of the U.S.

I wrote about the new vessel(s) and missiles in my column re whether we are war ready. I also pointed out that the U.S. did not have the present capacity to ward off the missiles.

Enjoy your day!


  1. “While this kumbaya visit and meeting with Obama is to take place, China announced it will shortly launch a new vessel carrying new intercontinental ballistic missiles, each capable of carrying two nuclear warheads.”

    China is not our friend but a formidable adversary intent on world power and domination. Sorry Pandas, I like you but I know you are a fuzzy diversion from reality. The US will always need a massive, updated nuclear arsenal designed to wipe China/India/Russia off the face of the earth for us to survive in reality. Any other strategy is a deluded fantasy guaranteed to create havoc and ultimately death.

    It may have been “MAD” but the “Mutual Assured Destruction” strategy of the Cold War with the Soviets worked to prevent annihilation for all. Obama’s goal of a nuclear free world…what has he been smoking? Never happen. Once the bomb was out of the bag it ain’t never gong back in. Ask Robert Oppenheimer who fatuously said “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

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