One of the best shows ever produced in Key West was Broadway 3 Ways. It ran for several years at La Te Da. Fun! Enjoyable! Worth the admission price.

Mark Watson is running for Fantasy Fest King. My candidate! A fundraiser is being held tonight at Aqua. From 6 to 8:30. Members of the La Te Da show are returning to help Mark. The Broadway 3 Ways Show tonight at Aqua. A $15 donation. Well worth the price of admission.

Mark was one of the stars of Broadway 3 Ways. Others stars appearing are Randy Thompson, Bruce Moore, and Bobby Nesbitt.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. My first thursday.

Then a haircut. Followed by an afternoon reading and napping. It’s a good life!

Last night, bocce.

We won 2 out of 3 games. Quite a while since we lost one. Our record now 15-3.

It hurt to lose. Any other time, 2 out of 3 would be a good night. However, this season we are near the top. Instead of fighting for a 4th or 5th position to make the playoffs, we are battling to come in 1st.

We won the first 2 games handily. The last was a long hard haul. We were losing 8-1. Then 14-6. Then, we rallied. Score was 14-14. We lost 16-14.

The team played well. We were not up to our usual ability, however.

I will be guesting on the KONK Life News Hour today. 12:10 to 12:20. Give a listen. I will be questioned regarding my KONK column this week re Pope Francis.

Enjoy your day!


All of a sudden yesterday flies! Many. The kitchen primarily. At bedtime, my bedroom. This morning, the bedroom. Went downstairs, none in the kitchen.

They do not fly around. They do not move. They just sit where ever they are.

This fly thing a first time experience.

I called an exterminator last night. Will be here at 8 this morning.

I assume the flies are maggot flies. Origination the dead rat several days ago.

An ugly situation!

Started yesterday with the anti-gravity treadmill. Making a new friend. Dave. He is on the treadmill before me.

Then hurried home to do the KONK Life News Hour on 104.9. Hosted by Guy deBoer.

I got all of 10 minutes. Guy and I discussed my KONK Life column of this week. U.S. War Ready? The emphasis on China.

Tavern ‘n Town for dinner last night. Very crowded. All tourists. I knew no one. Thursday night, Key West was dead. Had to be jumping last night. Weekenders from the Florida mainland.

John Boehner’s retirement may be for the best. I thought he had a hard time with the far right. In turn, he had to give Obama a bad time. I doubt things will improve with a new Speaker.

Boehner walks away financially secure. And probably into a lobbying job which will make him more secure.

Boehner has two campaign funds. One with $4 million in it. The other, $1.1 million. He can only use the $4 million one for PAC campaign contributions. The $1.1 million however is his.

Eric Cantor got a job within three weeks of losing his primary. One in Washington at $3.4 million a year. A Speaker is more important than a Majority Leader. Boehner should do better.

It’s the American way!

Leaves no doubt why government does not work.

Big game for Syracuse today. Play #8 nationally LSU. LSU a 24 point favorite. LSU will win. Syracuse quarterbacks #s 1 and 2 injured and cannot play. We are going with #s 3 and 4. Other reasons include a star LSU running back being touted as a Heisman Trophy winner and the fact that LSU is a much better team.

Hope springs eternal. I hope for a Nebraska type victory from many years ago.

Tonight, Lattitudes. I am looking forward to it.

Enjoy your day!