When I first started visiting Key West 26 years ago, the season was February 15 to the end of Easter week. Key West has come a long way! The season now almost year long.

The town was dead from January 1 to February 15. Then dead only to February 1. Now, January jumping. Part of the season.

The Proof of the pudding is this January. It started before Christmas and has not stopped. Tons of visitors.

The season is really here when locals have to call for a reservation. I went to Tavern ‘n Town last night for dinner. 6:15. Not a seat in the bar or in the bar area. I did not want to drive downtown because the problem would be the same.

I went to the hostess desk. I could hear one hostess saying to a couple an hour to hour and a half wait.


Fortunately, Tavern ‘n Town Restaurant Manager Marcus walked up. I quietly asked Marcus if he could help, pointing out there was no room at the bar. The hostess went to interrupt him. He gently put up his hand to her and me. The message was clear. He would take care of it. He did. I was taken to a lovely table in the new dining room.

I have lived in Key West long enough to know a reservation is required during season. It was my fault if I could not be seated. It was nice that Marcus recognized I was a regular customer. I eat at Tavern ‘n Town at least two nights a week. Sometimes, three.

Ran into Tino at Tavern ‘n Town. We hugged. He will be here a couple of weeks.

I am going to the opera tonight. At The studios of Key West. I have been to only one opera in my life. Did not enjoy it. Not understanding the language one of the problems.

Two reasons why I am going tonight. The opera is in English. Second, the topic interesting. Concerns two Arab ladies married to the same man in a Muslim country. The every day lives of the two ladies.

I am excited about the opera. There is much to learn about Muslim customs. The opera is titled A Thousand Splendid Suns.

My plan is to have dinner afterwards at Hot Tin Roof. I will call for a reservation.

My sole outing day wise yesterday was to use the anti-gravity treadmill. Dave using it also. Always good to see Dave.

I spent the afternoon at home being lazy.

Syracuse played Boston College last night. Syracuse won 60-42. Expected, but not certain this year.

Cold yesterday. Cold last night. Kept the heat on. Raining now. The day supposed to warm up. To around 75 degrees.

Enjoy your day!




Tuesday means blog talk radio time. My show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Biting issues.

I did a TV show five years ago re untested rape kits. They are back in the news. Florida. Thirteen thousand. Nothing has changed in five years.

The reasons given why Florida is so far behind are a crock. Listen to the real reasons tonight.

Another truth session involves Henry Ford. In 1914, Ford raised the minimum wage of his workers from somewhere around $2.25 per day to $5 per day. Let me tell you the real reason. The one no one talks about.

Other topics include whether the economy is really better, how a ton of garbage is hidden in the new highway bill that have nothing to do with highway construction, a shopping mall brawl involving 2,000 people, and more.

Join me. Nine my time.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. Dave there. I admire Dave. Ninety six and still plugging away to keep his body healthy.

A doctor visit later in the afternoon. I keep the medical and pharmaceutical industries in business.

David Wilson, mentioned in the past few days, and I had drinks and appetizers last night at Sq.1. Turned out David is a snowbird. He has a second home in Bahama Village. A retired school teacher, he now operates an antique business back home.

An interesting guy. A good time.

Syracuse basketball tonight. Against Clemson. Syracuse a 5 point favorite. Hope it works out that way.

Enjoy your day!


Some locals told me recently that the tourists were on the rude side this year. I mentioned it to you previously a couple of times.

Last night, I experienced it.

I was at Tavern ‘n Town for dinner. Seated at the bar. Did not want to fight the heavy traffic to get downtown. The bar was packed. However, two seats opened up. One on each side of me.

I was in the middle of my meal.

A gruff voice said, “Please move.”  Not nice at all. The “please” too harsh to be considered nice.

It was a couple. The woman doing the talking. Beautiful! Extremely so. Very overdressed for Key West.

The man looked like he just left the pool. Tee shirt, shorts, toes, hair a mess.

Had the lady waited a few seconds,  I would have seen them, I would have moved without being asked.

I moved. My dinner, silver wear, napkin, two drinks, bread, butter, and newspaper.

They sat. Three minutes later they were up and on their way out. The lady looked at me and said, “We are being ignored.” I asked where will you go. Downtown. Have a reservation? No.

My advice was you are better off staying here. Service a bit slow because the bar is crowded. The food excellent. The entertainment outstanding. If you go downtown, you have to fight the traffic. Find a parking place. They had their own car. Then wait 1-1.5 hours to get a table because you have no reservation.

They knew better. Walked away without a word.

Things were moving. A third seat opened. Three bar seats in a row. Unusual!

Three persons took them. One a lady around my age. With some trouble moving. Unsteady on her feet. The couple probably her daughter and daughter’s husband. In their late 50s, early 60s..

The older woman went to get on the stool next to me. She was having trouble. She was short. As she went up to sit, she started to fall. She fell into me and I grabbed he to stop her falling further. The women kept saying to me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

The daughter had not seen the fall. She heard the I am sorry’s, however. What are you doing to my mother? I was still holding her. It was like I was abusing the woman.

I explained and the mother did. The daughter was still pissed. She moved her mother three seats away. The daughter sat next to me, the terror of Tavern ‘n Town.

I was glad my dinner was almost over.

Key West exceptionally crowded. Must say it again. Many Japanese tourists. Unusual. Driving next to impossible. People crossing streets without looking. Traffic lights mean nothing to pedestrians and bicyclists.

I had been at Body Owners late morning. Headed downtown afterwards. Had a haircut appointment with Lori. A normally 15 minute trip took 35 minutes. Then, 20 minutes to find a parking place.

I was not a happy camper.

Key West City fathers encourage more and more people to visit. However, they fail to consider how to handle the crowds. Especially, the parking aspect.

Lori and I discussed the crowd situation and her business this time of the year. Her tale always the same.

Business slow the week before a holiday. Tourists already had their hair dome before they came to visit. Her business picks up dramatically the week after. The locals have extra money because of the holiday. They come in in droves to get their hair done.

Syracuse lost to Pitt last night 72-61. The game closer than the score indicates. I thought Syracuse looked good. However, still needs that big man. Pitt controlled the boards 2-1. Scored 22 points on rebounds off the offensive board.

My New Year’s Eve predetermined. A daughter of Don and Stephanie marrying tonight. I am invited. I look forward to the wedding celebration.

This week’s KONK Life column Political Sexcapades linked this morning to my Key West Lou website. An interesting article. Involves Trump and the Clintons.

Everything in moderation tonight. For me and for you.

Happy New Year!



Another great Key West evening last night! At Tavern ‘n Town.

The place was packed. I was surprised. The week before Christmas is normally quiet in Key West. Not last night. Tourists and locals whooping it up.

Ran into Frankie and Sandy. Sandy her usual charming self. Frankie told me he has taken up golf. Played yesterday.

Frankie is a top bocce player. One of the best. He was unhappy re his golf score. 135. I told him not to feel bad. I played 25 years before I gave golf up. I was shooting 135 at the time.

The best part of the evening was meeting Kristi. From Columbus, Ohio. She is in neurological medical sales.

Her 6 year old daughter was with her. The daughter was engrossed playing tic, tac, toe and drawing while her mother and I chatted.

Twelve years ago, mother Kristi was Mrs. Ohio International and Mrs. Ohio March of Dimes.

Did I mention, Kristi is lovely.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill at Body Owners. Dave there ahead of me on the machine.

By the time I finished, I was sweating big time. Water running down from my forehead. My tee shirt soaking wet.

I asked Jenny why my work out caused such a sweat. It was unusual. I am always concerned when my body does not react normally. Two reasons. It was humid. And, an unusal number of people working out at the same time.

Had to rush home. My friday KONK News interview. Don Riggs interviewed me re this week’s KONK Life column The President Could Not Spell. Theodore Roosevelt provided much to talk about.

The claimed data miss use scenario sounds like a lot of nothing. Clinton should beware. She may be leading, but everyone loves Bernie Sanders. He has always come across as an honest sincere person. The situation could backfire on Clinton.

It is despicable how the Democratic Party representative keeps trying to bury Sanders. He should be fired! Debbie Wasserman is reacting improperly also. It gives the appearance the party is all for Clinton. Which it is. However, the process should be fairly played.

Sanders getting screwed here.

The issue will come up in the debate tonight. Clinton would be wise to say immediately to Sanders, all nothing! I love you and never thought you and your group were involved in any type chicanery.

Otherwise, it will be the pot calling the kettle black.

Recall in the first debate when the issue of Clinton’s e-mails came up. Sanders interrupted and said he was sick of hearing it. Thus giving Clinton a bye. She should be equally generous this evening. Sanders’ sin, if any, is no where as grievous as Clinton’s re the e-mails.

I erred in yesterday’s blog. Last night was not Jenna. Tonight is at Sq. 1.

Syracuse plays Cornell at noon. A David/Goliath battle. Syracuse an 18.5 point favorite. However with the way Syracuse’s season is going, anything can happen.

Skaneateles’ Dan Riordan telephoned yesterday. We lamented re the Syracuse team.

Enjoy your day!


The best laid plans of mice and men…..

My evening was planned. Syracuse basketball. I rarely miss a game. Everything else is pushed to the side.

There were two other things that could have been on my plate last night.

The annual Pier House Christmas Show. Starring dear friends Larry Smith, Kathleen Peace, Skipper Kripitz and Christine Cordone. Syracuse basketball superseded them.

The other was dinner with Cheryl and Roger. Now living in Cape Coral, they are visiting Key West for two weeks. Cocktails instead. Syracuse basketball taking priority.

I had lunch yesterday at the Pier House Beach Bar. Lovely Jaynine bartending. I could hear singing coming from the outer deck by the old Wine Galley. Knew the voice. Kathleen Peace!

I walked back to say hello. Larry and Skipper rehearsing with Kathleen. Hugs, kisses and a few moments of chatting. Told Larry I would not be there in the evening. Syracuse basketball. He could not understand why I would pick basketball over the show.

Different strokes for different folks.

An observation. Larry, Kathleen, Skipper and Christine are Key West. I repeat, they are Key West. None more representative.

I met Cheryl and Roger at the Sq. 1  bar at 5. They knew I would be leaving at 6:30 to watch the Syracuse game. It was good to see them. It had been several months. A couple of drinks and appetizers. At exactly 6:30, I left for home.

I settled in my recliner and turned on the TV. The game had already started. The score 10-10. The next thing I knew it was the start of overtime. I had fallen asleep and missed the whole game!

Some days I can’t win for losing.

Syracuse lost to Wisconsin in overtime 66-58. The sports news this morning indicates Syracuse played poorly. One problem was the boards. Syracuse was out rebounded 51-25.

On to the next game.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. I am into something new. Working on my heart rate. I go fast for 30 seconds and then to a slow walk for 2 minutes. Not jogging. Walking very fast. Reached the highest speeds yet that way. As long as it does not kill me, it is good for me.

Keys History this morning reported that on this day in 1900 a ship left Key West for New York. The ship carried 1,846,000 cigars which had been made in Key West. A lot of cigars! What an industry! Gone now from Key West.

My friend Anna lives in Navara, Italy. We have not communicated in months. Received an e-mail from her yesterday. It was in Italian. Strange. She always writes in English. There was a warning across the e-mail. Do not open. People will steal your money, etc.

I did not open. Forwarded it to Anna, however.

An hour later, I received a telephone call from Anna. She was sitting in the Novara police station. Someone got into her e-mail. One of her bank accounts was already 5,700 euros light. About $8,000 American money. She warned me not to open the e-mail sent me which I already knew.

She telephoned again later when she returned home. She was obviously upset. Anna is affluent. However, also conservative. Watches every penny.

She was in Chamonix last weekend. A small ski town over the Italian border in France. About an hour’s drive from her home. For the first time, she had to show ID before she was permitted to enter France.

It was reported this morning that Saudi Arabia has scheduled a mass execution of 50 persons. All political activists, except for a Palestinian poet. All to be beheaded at one time.

I wonder how it is going to be done. I reported a year ago that Saudi Arabia was publicly advertising for beheaders. More were needed. Understandable. Saudi Arabia big at beheading.

Is each person to be executed to have his/her own beheader? Or, will one do all 50? I am not trying to be funny. Based on the want ad last year, that many executions at one time could be a problem for Saudi Arabia.

I love Saudi Arabia! They gave us $4 a gallon gasoline, 17 of the 21 9/11 terrorists were Saudi Arabian citizens. The same Saudi Arabia that is supposedly our friend. Saudi Arabia also has refused to take any of the Syrian refugees in. Their own people. Muslims.

Enjoy your day!



All of a sudden yesterday flies! Many. The kitchen primarily. At bedtime, my bedroom. This morning, the bedroom. Went downstairs, none in the kitchen.

They do not fly around. They do not move. They just sit where ever they are.

This fly thing a first time experience.

I called an exterminator last night. Will be here at 8 this morning.

I assume the flies are maggot flies. Origination the dead rat several days ago.

An ugly situation!

Started yesterday with the anti-gravity treadmill. Making a new friend. Dave. He is on the treadmill before me.

Then hurried home to do the KONK Life News Hour on 104.9. Hosted by Guy deBoer.

I got all of 10 minutes. Guy and I discussed my KONK Life column of this week. U.S. War Ready? The emphasis on China.

Tavern ‘n Town for dinner last night. Very crowded. All tourists. I knew no one. Thursday night, Key West was dead. Had to be jumping last night. Weekenders from the Florida mainland.

John Boehner’s retirement may be for the best. I thought he had a hard time with the far right. In turn, he had to give Obama a bad time. I doubt things will improve with a new Speaker.

Boehner walks away financially secure. And probably into a lobbying job which will make him more secure.

Boehner has two campaign funds. One with $4 million in it. The other, $1.1 million. He can only use the $4 million one for PAC campaign contributions. The $1.1 million however is his.

Eric Cantor got a job within three weeks of losing his primary. One in Washington at $3.4 million a year. A Speaker is more important than a Majority Leader. Boehner should do better.

It’s the American way!

Leaves no doubt why government does not work.

Big game for Syracuse today. Play #8 nationally LSU. LSU a 24 point favorite. LSU will win. Syracuse quarterbacks #s 1 and 2 injured and cannot play. We are going with #s 3 and 4. Other reasons include a star LSU running back being touted as a Heisman Trophy winner and the fact that LSU is a much better team.

Hope springs eternal. I hope for a Nebraska type victory from many years ago.

Tonight, Lattitudes. I am looking forward to it.

Enjoy your day!