Happy birthday Lisa!

It is my baby’s birthday. The last born. A joy in my life.

The crocodile off Smathers Beach bothers me. Actually, scares me. I fear someone is going to be bit or worse. State wildlife authorities apparently do not share my concern.

Crocodiles are an endangered species. State officials should capture the beast and remove it from our waters. Key West Citizen photos show the croc floating along the beach shore.

State officials refer to the crocodile as a juvenile. Only three feet long. Looks a hell of a lot bigger in the pics. State officials tell us adult crocodiles are meat eaters. Juveniles, not. However, we are warned to keep our distance.

We are also told the croc will move on after several days. It has already been here several days!

Arrogance, laziness, and stupidity best describe the action of state officials in this matter.

This is my pick on government morning.

The Congressional subcommittee questioning Cecile Richards yesterday a disgrace. The Republican members. A kangaroo court. Richards the President of Planned Parenthood.

I was ashamed of my government for its conduct.

I am against what planned Parenthood has done re the sale of fetal tissue and body parts. For profit, I suspect. Never the less, Richards was entitled to respect. Not being bullied.

Somewhere along the line Congress has forgotten what governing was meant to be, how to govern.

I spoke concerning the subcommittee’s conduct on my blog talk radio show last night.

Yes, I am on a soap box this morning!

George Will’s turn.

His column regarding Pope Francis is carried in this morning’s Key West Citizen. Disgraceful! He wrote extremely disparagingly about Pope Francis. I have never read anything by him assaulting Putin or Assad in a similar fashion.

Why is the Republican right/conservative element so fearful of this 78 year old man of God? He speaks the truth.

Is it because he speaks for the 99 percent and not the 1 percent?

Trump’s tax plan. If it does not scuttle his candidacy, I don’t know what will.

I have an early airport run shortly. I have happily become the neighborhood taxi service.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!

  1. “Why is the Republican right/conservative element so fearful of this 78 year old man of God? He speaks the truth.”

    Because the “truth” as in facts, evidence and reality doesn’t play well with Republican donors who are largely 1%ers who wish to keep their 1% by destroying anything left of the Free Market system.

    And don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of Republican lovers read this site, the Democrats are no better at all and as bad with their own base of illegals, immoral and also many of the same 1%ers (only for different reasons).

    If one can’t see that “This Show is Rigged” they obvious haven’t been paying attention these last 50 odd years or so. President Eisenhower said it best about the Military/Industrial complex and he was a Republican, perhaps the last real one.

    I always long for a true and real third party movement that combines the BEST ideas of right and left to move in the only direction that counts…FORWARD. Never happens as this system is corrupt to the core now.

  2. Once Richards was caught lying, the gloves should have come off.
    Under her leadership this organization has become this countries 7th largest charity. A charity that is given $500,000,000.00/ yr of taxpayer money and performs over 300,000 abortions/yr. including late late term abortions. Also included are live birth abortions in which the child is then murdered.
    They do help prevent 200,000 unwanted pregnancies/yr. , but, is that worth 1/2 billion taxpayers dollars/yr.

  3. The apple also doesn’t fall far from the tree. Cecile is the daughter of Ann Richards and was also a staffer of Nancy Pelosi. Thats telling in and of itself.
    Since she took the reins women’s health care had dropped dramatically as cancer screenings and mammograms have been cut by about 40%. 90-95% of what they do is perform abortions.
    Yet they spend $76,000,000.00/yr on fund raising. She hasn’t rolled far from the tree she came from. They don’t need taxpayer funding.

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