Nothing is more important than bocce! Except the grandkids.

The new bocce season began thursday night. I missed it. I was at the Key West High School watching Robert and Ally perform in the Wizard of Oz.

My team did well without me. They won all three games! Hopefully the start of a terrific season for us.

My TV/internet show was yesterday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. It is supposedly being You Tubed. I am not certain if yesterday’s show was. It has been sort of hit and miss. I am trying to have the situation corrected.

My discussion of Time Magazine’s brilliant article on why medical bills are killing us was the most popular. Without peer. Steven Brill’s article is an eye opener. All 18 pages are available free on the internet. I suggest you read it.

The cupboard was bare. It was Publix time. I forgot to buy a lottery ticket.

I wrote next week’s column for KONK Life. Titled it A Little Bit Of Everything. I quick hit on several topics venting my feelings about the issues. Things like the Key West $17 million lottery winner, Key West being one of four cities nationally where women earn more than men, China and cybertheft, sequestration, and Berlusconi and sunday’s election.

A pleasant evening last night.

There was supposed to be a showing of Jack Baron’s works at the Joy Gallery on Duval. I walked up and down the street. Could not find Joy Gallery. The phone book said 1100 block of Duval. Not there. I will telephone today to find out where it is. I suspect the gallery has moved.

I have 15 Jack Baron pieces. Jack has been dead 6 years now. I am curious what the market is for his work.

The Chart Room was next. A good group of friends. Emily, David, Peter, and Sheila. Shared a couple of drinks and decided I was hungry.

Walked across the street to the Hot Tin Roof. Wow! All the people! Even in the bar area. Fortunately, I was able to grab a table in the corner.

Big time basketball this afternoon. Syracuse and Georgetown. At 4. At Syracuse.

The Syracuse/Georgetown rivalry is well known. Many hard fought games over the years. No more league play after this season, however. Syracuse is leaving the Big East.

The teams have played each other in Big East ball for 33 years. Today is the next to last game. Two weeks from now Syracuse and Georgetown will meet once more at Georgetown.

The end of an era.

Today’s game will be typical. Hard fought. Down to the last minute. Syracuse is ranked #8 nationally, Georgetown #11. That says it all.

In recognition of the admiration Syracuse fans have for the rivalry, it was announced earlier this week that the game at the Carrier Dome was sold out. 35,012 people expected. The most ever for a home Syracuse basketball game.

Son in law Corey has a big deal starting up at Mel Fisher’s. It is for the benefit of those interested in slave ships, merchant ships, discovery of both beneath the surface, and how the treasure discovered is restored.

I will share more with you in tomorrow’s blog.

Enjoy your day!

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