Nothing changes. History repeats itself. What goes around, does come around.

The price of gasoline is up again!

I filled the tank yesterday. $4.15 a gallon. Terrible! A newspaper article this morning said gas has gone up dramatically in the past 30 days. The article also stated the national average was $3.75 a gallon.

Not in Key West!

Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou made its evening debut last night. The number of listeners was better. Much better. Like 500 per cent better. However, no one called in to chat with me. What is the problem? I do not mind doing a blog radio show where only I speak. I would like this show to have some give and take, however.

Hershel, where were you? You are into politics as I am. I thought sure you would be there. We would have had an interesting conversation.

I got into Syracuse basketball. Thought maybe I would hear from Bob Marks in Las Vegas and Tom Dixon in Buffalo. Die hard Syracuse fans. Nothing.

Hershel, Bob and Tom, I mentioned the three of you on the show last night also. Asked where you were. Since no response, I assume you were not able to listen in. Hopefully you can get together with me next week. And any one else who would like to call in and chat. I get lonely.

My blog talk radio show is archived immediately. It is also splashed all over the internet. Facebook, Twitter and the like. A total of 8 social media sites. Click on and listen. The January numbers for those listening to the archived shows were significantly higher than those listening to the show itself.

Other than the show last night, I spent the day writing two short stories. I am prodding along. Definitely a book this year.

Sloan was here at 4 for a couple of hours. She understands machinery. I do not. A generational thing. She has taught me much and continues to do so. I appreciate her assistance.

Syracuse basketball tonight. The Orange play Providence. Syracuse should win. This season however it is difficult to project the outcome of any college basketball game.

I will be at the Big Ten Sports Pub at 8 to watch the game.

Friday is almost here again. Two days away. Friday morning at 10 my time the Key West Lou Legal Hour on TV and the internet. A good show in the making once again. The show is available on television from Key West northward through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. It is also available world wide via the internet.

My interest and concern with Europe continues. See what the two months last summer in Europe did!

Italy is a mess. Financially and politically. Only Greece is worse.

Elections are this sunday. Italy has a coalition style government. The political war is between Berlusconi and Monti. It was thought Berlusconi was going to make a come back. Now it is not certain. Monti seems to be favored. The Communist Party has thrown its support behind Monti.

As with the Greeks, Italians are extremely upset with Germany. One of my Italian friends e mailed me and said, “Germany has found a modern way to kill people, making them die at home instead of in concentration camps.”

The lack of jobs and higher taxes are contributing to a poorer and poorer Italian society with each passing day.

Permit a moment concerning Greece.

Things are worse in Greece. Yesterday, another strike. A one day strike. This one covering all of Greece. Tens of thousands demonstrating in Athens.

People are complaining about low wages and high taxes. In austerity to pay what is owed the Germans, employers cannot afford to pay the salaries they were. Salaries continue to be slashed. Some employees do not get paid for weeks. In the meantime, taxes of all sorts continue to go up.

The people are down to a basic necessity. Food. They cannot afford it. Families are next to starving. It was reported that one of the demonstrators, a woman, said the feelings and demonstration were all about food. Many do not have money to buy any.

Everyone joined in the strike. Hospital workers, doctors, ferry boat workers, subway workers, taxi drivers, bank employees, dock workers, and more.

I wrort a column in this week’s KONK Life. Greece A Tinderbox? The match could be struck igniting a war.

Enjoy your day!




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