Tonight the theatrical debut of Robert and Alley. On the big stage at the Key West High School. Playing munchkins in the high school’s Wizard of Oz production.

I will be third row center with the rest of the family watching. Proudly so.

Another bocce season starts tonight. Nothing is more important than bocce. Except the grandkids. I will be missing bocce this evening.

After running a few errands yesterday morning, I decided to treat myself to lunch. Hogfish!

I forgot to bring newspapers with me. Found an old local one to read. The hostess Debra saw me reading it. She came over and handed me the day’s Key West Citizen and Miami Herald. Thank you, Debra. You made my lunch!

Although I have been off the diet 3-4 weeks, I continue to lose weight. Another 5 pounds. I attribute it to not eating. I am watching myself. Lunch for me was a lobster roll and french fries. Ate the lobster. Left the bread. Ate about 5 fries. And spent two hours reading the newspapers.

Syracuse basketball last night. Stopped at Don’s on the way to the Sports Pub. Don said he wanted to join me at the game. Off we went to the Big Ten Sports Pub.

Syracuse won easily. 84-59. The first easy win in a while.

I was hungry. Don said he did not want to eat. I ordered a sandwich and french fries. Fries come with everything in Key West. Don became hungry as soon as he saw my food. He ate half the sandwich and most of the fries.

Met an interesting couple at the bar. Gary and Jennifer McAdams. Gary is one of Key West’s premier realtors. Nice people. I hope to run into them again.

The last game of the regular season for Syracuse is Georgetown. A rivalry going back to around 1980 when the Big East was formed. The rivalry has been a blood war.

I have enjoyed many Syracuse/Georgetown games.

Syracuse is leaving the Big East at the end of this season. Syracuse and Georgetown will never play each other again, except in some tournament play off game.

It was announced by Syracuse yesterday that the Syracuse/Georgetown game in a couple of weeks at Syracuse is a sell out. More tickets have been sold than for any other basketball game at the Carrier Dome. In excess of 35,000. Everyone wants to see the last game in what has been a thrilling series.

I continue to be a busy beaver. Tomorrow my television/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. Available on television through out the Keys and Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. World wide, on the internet. www.tvchannel19.com.

Interesting topics. Like women earning more than men in Key West, a $50 million diamond theft, a 104 year old woman and her Facebook problem, some interesting 911 calls, rabbits damaging the Denver International Airport, a new born baby declared dead who cried 90 minutes later, sequestration, Pope Benedict XVI, the conclusion of the Florida python hunt, China stealing American business secrets via hacking, and more.

Interesting subjects. Join me for a fast moving hour.

Enjoy your day!


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