Larry Smith is friend and foe. Foe formerly on the golf course and presently the bocce courts. Tonight, Larry has prepared what I am sure will be a great evening of music. He has assembled 24 of Key West’s finest entertainers for what what I can guarantee will be an outstanding show

Larry can be anal. Especially when he is working. The show is two hours. Two segments. One hour each. A 15 minute break in between. Larry assures me the 24 entertainers will comfortably fit into the two available hours.

I believe Larry. He has everything down to the minute. He has been working on this show for a month. Woe anyone who screws it up!

Join me tonight at Larry’s show. Eight o’clock at The Studios of Key West.

No bocce last night. It was a bye night. Time for those teams who had games cancelled to play them. We had none cancelled.

I substituted the Chart Room and Hogfish in the place of bocce.

David was sitting alone at the round table when I entered the Chart Room. I sat with David about two hours. I enjoy his company.

The previous day’s flooding entered into the conversation. The flooding was gone by evening. The worst was early afternoon when the tide was high. By evening it was low tide. The storm water system was able to handle the problem at that time.

We talked about Che. Che is the only Key Wester I know who is older than me. I believe he is 83. Che is one of the last two persons alive who has his name on the Chart Room bar where some of his ashes will be interned.

No one has been able to find Che for three weeks. No answer at his apartment door or on his telephone. His car gone. Strange. Turns out Che was in a Miami hospital recovering from pneumonia. He is now home

Che, stay home!

Ollie stopped in. Ollie has been a leader in the fight opposing genetically modified mosquitoes. The ones that were to be tested on my home island, Key Haven. He and his group has been successful in obtaining a delay of the vote scheduled for last week. No date was scheduled for the next vote. Good job, Ollie!

Hogfish for dinner. I sat at the end of the bar, enjoyed hogfish and read the newspapers. No one talked to me and I did not attempt to initiate conversation with anyone. I was content to sit and read.

I had physiotherapy in the morning. Wow! Still tires me out. Big time! I basically spend the hour standing on one or two feet in strange positions with my eyes closed. Hard to balance with the eyes closed. Grueling. The sweat runs off my forehead.

Enjoy your day!

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