It is all for the children! But I still get a bang out of Christmas. Especially Christmas eve.

I was at daughter Lisa’ s home. Santa Claus came before dinner. Robert and Ally were excited. I thought they might not believe, were playing us along, etc. However from the look in their eyes, there was no question they believed!

Santa always makes sure to tell the grandkids that Poppa is his friend. I have been doing the Santa thing for years. First for my own children, then for my grandchildren who are adults now, and finally for Robert and Ally.

God is good!

The meal Lisa prepared was excellent. Four fishes. One more than last year. At some point, we will be up to seven. The fish: shrimp, coconut shrimp, clams, and lobster tails. Christmas cookies for dessert. Lisa and Ally baked them. Delicious!

Tim Reynolds invited me to a party he was having last night. I looked forward to joining him. However by the time I left Lisa’s, I had had too much food and too much wine. The car took me home. My apologies to Tim and Debbie.

I have to work today on my friday TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Topics I am playing with include a New Jersey transgender bill, the courts finally permitting a suit against Saudi Arabia for 9/11, France coming up with the first artificial heart implanted that works, where Congressmen get their money from, NSA and RSA back door to security devices we buy for our computers, police now having the right to search your cellphone if you are stopped for a minor traffic violation, and more.

Enjoy your Christmas Day!

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