Happy Sunday!

Wonder of wonders! A seven year old girl suffering from leukemia cured by the HIV virus.

Just announced. Seven year old deathly ill with leukemia. Chemotherapy had failed. In such case, a bone marrow transplant cannot be done.

The child was transferred to a super dooper experimental cancer hospital. She had 48 hours to live. Then her organs would fail. Death soon thereafter.

The parents were told we only know one more thing to do. However, we do not know if it will work. It is experimental. It is up to you.

The parents said go for it.

The doctors removed all of the girl’s T cells. They took the HIV virus and modified it. I assume that means they took the AIDS causing portion out. Each T cell was injected with the modified HIV virus. All were then returned to the girl’s body.

The HIV cells then went to war with the cancer cells and killed them.

The seven year old survived! Her cancer is in total remission two years later. She is back in school leading a normal life.

The young lady was at the cutting edge. The procedure has been tried on several others since. Some with complete success, one with partial success, and two with no success. The doctors are convinced the procedure will be perfected this year and work on most, if not all.

Wonder of wonders! God bless!

My show was yesterday. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I told this girl’s story. The reception was overwhelming. That is why I share it with you this morning.

Later in the day, I wrote next week’s column for KONK Life. Brazilian Prostitution. Interesting. The ladies are federally recognized. Even are able to receive federal pensions.

I went out last night. Had to. I was going stir crazy. Jail would never work for me.

I visited the Chart Room. Stayed a while. Enjoyed two diet Pepsi’s. Chatted with Dave, Sheila, Sean, and Katherine. All good people.

Emily was bartending. Got a hug as I left. Unfortunately, I never got to talk with her as I was at a table tied up with the others.

My computer is sick. It happened yesterday afternoon. A virus. I am at Lisa’s doing the blog this morning.

My screen suddenly froze. I could not get out. I finally called Tim Reynolds, my computer guru. Dropped the computer off to him on the way out. He is familiar with the virus and will have my computer back to me today or tomorrow. He said there was no danger of the virus infecting other computers receiving my messages.

Syracuse basketball again today! At noon. The team plays Villanova.  At the Carrier Dome. Should be a good game. I hope Syracuse plays better. Otherwise, Villanova is going to win.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. (1) In a difficult situation, one takes any path available. Not sure that is’s a cure. Hope she is OK. I’d do anything needed!

    (2) Computer virus: I suggest CHROMEbook CHROMEbox or at least an APPLE MacOSX. Windoze is fraught with problems.

    (3) Orange? Why not watch a “good” tema that will break your heart? At least, you would be happy with lesser expectations!


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