Yesterday was a bad day at black rock. My computer got a virus. Not the kind that infects anyone but me. In addition, I felt physically lousy.

My first visit this morning was to Tim Reynolds. The computer guru. I got him out of bed. He was in his boxer shorts.

I am now at Lisa’s using one of her computers to do today’s blog.

Late morning yesterday, I began to feel lousy. Nothing in particular bothering me. Just felt drained. I was to attend Shirrel and Diane Rhoades Christmas Party in the afternoon. No way. I felt bad. I was looking forward to the party. Shirrel is the publisher of my new book The World Upside Down.

Since I was home confined, I decided to do next week’s KONK Life column. It is about oil and wars. Because my body was not functioning correctly, it took me twice as long to do.

I did go out briefly last night. Was feeling better. I had absolutely no food. My third consecutive day that way. Publix was good for me. I got to see and hug two special people. Krystal from the TV station and my friend Pati.

I feel ok this morning.

Guy de Boer sent the picture he had selected of me for the cover of KONK Life. It stunk! It was a poor me. Or maybe the real me. Whatever, I told him no way to use it. He agreed. We are going to have another photo shoot.

The KONK pic is for front page use. The whole page. To announce my book. It will appear front page the December 19th edition.

Jake has been nibbling at my feet the entire time I have been doing the blog.

Enjoy your day!

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