The humidity has been unusually heavy the past couple of weeks. Yesterday it was extremely heavy. Coupled with no wind, it was hard to take.

We played bocce last night with the extreme humidity in force and effect. Wow! Instantaneous sweat Even before playing. Just standing around was an effort.

Overall, the team did well. We won 2 out of 3 games. Should have won all 3. Lost the last one 16-15. Won the first two handily.

I woke Don this morning to get the result of the last game.

I only played in the first game. I was beat afterwards. Left at the start of the third game. Even the car was hard to operate by that point.

The first game was interesting. We were up 14-2. Needed only 2 points to win. We had a lapse and the other team a run. Suddenly, it was 14-10. We finally got our heads together and won 16-10.

Enjoyed a great lunch yesterday at Azur. With my publisher, Shirrel Rhoades. A knowledgeable guy. Interesting to talk with. I promised him a book by year’s end. He is a gentleman . He placed no time limit on me. Merely admonished me to keep writing.

Spent my afternoon researching next week’s KONK Life column. I hopefully will write it this afternoon.

Big morning! Jenna is coming to my home to televise a one hour talk show with me. She will run it next week at the scheduled time for her TV show. I am not sure whether she will have the show shot indoors or outside. The humidity at 11 will determine the site.

Yesterday’s blog was title Kayon. I misspelled the name. It is Kavon. Sorry, Kavon. Mea culpa.

Enjoy your day!

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