The humidity has been unusually heavy the past couple of weeks. Yesterday it was extremely heavy. Coupled with no wind, it was hard to take.

We played bocce last night with the extreme humidity in force and effect. Wow! Instantaneous sweat Even before playing. Just standing around was an effort.

Overall, the team did well. We won 2 out of 3 games. Should have won all 3. Lost the last one 16-15. Won the first two handily.

I woke Don this morning to get the result of the last game.

I only played in the first game. I was beat afterwards. Left at the start of the third game. Even the car was hard to operate by that point.

The first game was interesting. We were up 14-2. Needed only 2 points to win. We had a lapse and the other team a run. Suddenly, it was 14-10. We finally got our heads together and won 16-10.

Enjoyed a great lunch yesterday at Azur. With my publisher, Shirrel Rhoades. A knowledgeable guy. Interesting to talk with. I promised him a book by year’s end. He is a gentleman . He placed no time limit on me. Merely admonished me to keep writing.

Spent my afternoon researching next week’s KONK Life column. I hopefully will write it this afternoon.

Big morning! Jenna is coming to my home to televise a one hour talk show with me. She will run it next week at the scheduled time for her TV show. I am not sure whether she will have the show shot indoors or outside. The humidity at 11 will determine the site.

Yesterday’s blog was title Kayon. I misspelled the name. It is Kavon. Sorry, Kavon. Mea culpa.

Enjoy your day!


I began sunday with a walk at Home Depot. Twice around. Forty minutes. At a fast clip.

Outside was too humid to walk. The humidity is heavy for this time of year. It feels like August and September. If it is this way now, how will it be in August and September? Makes me wonder if global warming is at play.

The first storm of the season is somewhere off the east coast of Florida. Arthur. It is questionable whether Arthur will develop into anything. It is predicted to turn just before hitting Florida and moving north. Nothing to be concerned with in the Keys. Unless Arthur is fickle!

Driving home from Home Depot, I saw Red Zorro. I see Zorro 3-4 times a week. Many locals and tourists have seen him. He is a runner. Short and thin. Wears only shorts. Plus a big brimmed red hat. Something like Cardinals wear. Except, larger. He generally carries a large American flag on a pole across his shoulder. And shouts “whoop!” as he runs by.

Red Zorro is a Key West fixture.

My KONK Life column is due at the paper on wednesday each week. It is does not appear in print till one week later. I sometimes get tired, forgetful, what have you and am late getting the column in. As late as sunday night or monday morning. Much to the chagrin of publisher Guy deBoer.

Yesterday, I decided to get the column done early. I spent the afternoon doing it. The research had been done the day before. It is titled Politics As Usual. The story of Eric Cantor’s downfall and what has resulted therefrom. You will enjoy it.

I did not e mail the column to deBoer. Early delivery might spoil him. I am holding it till due day wednesday when with a touch of the keyboard, the article will be in his hands.

Dined at Geiger Key last night. Gray sky. Humid. I enjoyed a hogfish sandwich while starring at the open water. It was a contemplate my navel time.

Friend Anna is on the Greek isle of Fourni. Fourni is part of the Greek archipelago islands. Very small. Less than 1,000 inhabitants. Quieter than Amorgos.

Anna wrote that many of the local Greeks are fair skinned, have green or blue eyes, and red hair. Pirates are involved. Hundreds of years ago, corsairs (pirates) used Fourni as their home port. The corsairs were fair skinned, green or blue eyed, and had red hair. They intermingled, copulated and/or married the local ladies. The corsair gene is still there to this day.

Greece is full of fascinating revelations. Recall Amorgos and Greek food. It was my grandmother and mother’s Italian cooking I was eating. Greece way before the birth of Christ, sent a large number of its people to settle southern Italy and Sicily. They remained, married, etc. They brought their Greek cooking with them. That cooking became southern Italian cooking as we know it today..

It also suggested to me I must have Greek blood in me. My people came from southern Italy.

Have to hustle. Torture at the gym with Albert at 11.

Enjoy your day!



The humidity envelops. Swallows a person. Thank God for air conditioning.

Yesterday was Sunday.

I started with an early morning breakfast at Pepe’s. Never ate breakfast there before. Dinner, yes.

Ham and eggs. Delicious. Especially the ham. A ham steak. About a quarter of an inch thick and huge.

It is claimed that Pepe’s is the oldest restaurant in Key West. Key West was the home port of pirates back around the 1700s. The story is that the pirates would meet at Pepe’s to plan their raids.

Then home to work with Sloan. There are too many pictures of my trip. Six hunded. Trying to narrow the number and organize them by location and event is a task. A tedious process. It is taking a lot of time. I want it correct, however.

Spent some time by the pool in the sun. Actually in the pool. The humidity was overbearing. I probably stayed out all of a half hour. I could not take it.

Lisa came over. To escape the humidity. To swim. She chatted a while in the shade of the tiki hut with Donna and Terri.

Last night was barbecuse night at the Yacht Club. Donna, Terri, and me.

We had a couple of drinks at the bar first. Kate Miano came in. Love her! She is the proprietor of the successful Gardens Hotel. Always has a hug and kiss for me. For every one actually. I like to think it is for me only.

Tosh was at the bar. At least two years since I had seen him. He has been away.

Tosh is short for Jon McIntosh. He is an artist of significant stature.

The barbecue was excellent. Especially the beef brisket.

I returned home after dinner. The girls went out. They were heading for the Monkey Bar first. Wherever they were, they must have had a great time. I woke when they came in at four this morning. Theatre people have strange hours.

Enjoy your day!


Good morning!

Heavy humidity. Can cut it with a knife. When I opened the glass sliding doors in the kitchen, a blast of heat enveloped me.

This is Friday. Friday is my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 this morning my time. World wide. Join me!

Besides commentaries involving Penn State, the Syracuse/Pitt Big East resolution, and Germany banning circumsicion till 14, there are many other interesting and thought provoking issues being discussed. Like the woman who started a hug a day movement, one drug cocktail executions as opposed to three, a Wendy’s server who sold child porn while turning the food over to the customer, John Holland and three Presidents, Grover Cleveland’s out of wedlock son revealed during Presidential campaign, bras older than previously thought, aging and drinking, and a public decency trial in which charges were dismissed. Plus more.

Good stuff!

Someone commented and asked whether the German circumsicion decision was anti-semetic. I do not know. All I can tell you is that research indicates Germany has been cutting back on the rights of minority groups over the past several years. There are only 180,000 Jews residing in Germany at present. It is reported the German Jews consider this a step back in relations. One which makes them uncomfortable.

Germany is acting strangely in many respects of late. Consider its hard ass handling of Greece which I reported on during my trip. I fear Germany is feeling omnipotent once again.

Yesterday was a simple one. I sat outside under the tiki hut and finished my work for today’s show. Then did research a bit for one of my books.

I finished around 7. I was tired. Made a sandwich, took a shower and went to bed. No Key West for me last night.

Enjoy your day!