Tom Oosterhaudt publishes a popular Key West weekly. Conch Color. A well done work. His editorial this week involves Paris and Hemingway.

Hemingway spent seven years in Paris. He wrote of those years. The book Paris Est Une Fete. Translated, Paris Is A Party. The book was published in the U.S. also. The title different. A Moveable Feast. Why, I do not know.

The book was published long ago. Not mentioned in years. Till the recent Paris terrorist attack. The book came alive again. It is #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Tom’s excellent editorial contains a Hemingway quote at the end. Reflective of Hemingway’s ability to blend words. “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

I spent yesterday afternoon writing this week’s KONK Life column. The Eiffel Tower. A biography of the Eiffel Tower.  I was motivated to write something about Paris for the same reason as Tom. The terrorist attack. The column publishes wednesday.

Dinner last night at Tavern ‘n Town. I read Conch Color and Tom’s editorial while enjoying dinner at the bar.

Sue Puskedra is lovely, talented and hard working. She owns and operates Susie’s Key West Estates Sales. Does an excellent job. I know from experience.

Susie conducted an estate sale this past weekend that saddens me. I suspect also many Key Westers. After 21 years, Pelican Poop has closed its doors. A Key West icon gone. Never to return.

Paris continues to be in the news. The Paris Climate Summit begins today. Nearly 200 nations attending. Thousands of staff. I agree global warming is a problem. A significant one. However, I doubt the conference will have much success. Too many countries and corporations with divergent  interests affected.

I have yet to visit Paris. A must do for me. Hopefully in the near future. I have visited several small French towns at the foot of Mont Blanc. Ski country. I liked the area. The people not so much. I found the French to be snobbish.

Global warming and climate change being felt in Key West this year. The sea level has risen. Streets normally not flooded are flooded with salt water. Without a major rainstorm.

There is a three day conference beginning tomorrow at Casa Marina to begin dealing with the problem.

Tough to go undefeated in any sport these days. The Patriots found out yesterday when they lost to Denver 30-24. I watched parts of the game. The ability to play a game in snow and cold amazes me.

I am back to Body Owners today. I have not been on the anti-gravity treadmill since last wednesday. My body tells me I have missed it.

Enjoy your day!




13 comments on “HEMINGWAY’S PARIS

  1. I’ve had opportunity to look at Keys bridges many times, both on foot and from boat. I see no sign of water rise since these bridges were first built. I’ve also talked with people involved in building these bridges and they find the same thing. Some of these are however in rough shape, salt takes it toll over the decades.

      • And you think that was due to an instant climate change effect that just happened to kick in at only Flagler, and then as quickly kicked out ?

        I’m not there so I didn’t see what happened there or if anything similar happened in the rest of the town so I can’t really speak to it. But, I would suspect an infrastructure issue. Now, if the sea-level started rising that quickly throughout the Keys and the rest of the world, I’d start building an Arc and sell tickets.

  2. Pelican Poop will be missed I’m sure. Beautiful place with a lot of history. Once the Ford dealership that Hemingway’s in-laws bought him the first car [ 1928 ‘A’ ] he owned while in Key West.

  3. Patrick ,

    You clearly have not spent many decades in the Keys. It is CLEAR to those who are from here that the water has and will continue to rise! You can’t live here and not see the changes over the past 30-40 years!!!!

  4. Anonymous on December 1, 2015 at 5:17 pm said:
    Patrick ,

    You clearly have not spent many decades in the Keys. It is CLEAR to those who are from here that the water has and will continue to rise! You can’t live here and not see the changes over the past 30-40 years!!!!
    end quote

    Did you not read my post ? These bridges were built 40-50 years ago and there is no sign of sea-level rise. In the 16 years I’ve spent there, there is no sea-level rise and I’m on the water almost daily.
    World wide facts show that the sea-level has risen 2 inches in the past 50 years and has not risen during the past 18 years.
    Some folks don’t seem to understand tides and become confused.

  5. Hahaha
    Patrick you are blind and clearly do not know of what you speak. Go ahead and live in your blind world of opinions. Means nothing to those educated and aware of situation. I guess all the world leaders in Paris got it wrong too!?
    Sorry, but Insanity.

  6. Anonymous on December 2, 2015 at 5:21 am said:
    Patrick you are blind and clearly do not know of what you speak. Go ahead and live in your blind world of opinions. Means nothing to those educated and aware of situation. I guess all the world leaders in Paris got it wrong too!?
    Sorry, but Insanity.
    end quote

    All one has to do is look, and, hopefully see.
    Study what real scientist have to say.
    Paris ? Are you kidding. Climate Change more important than ISIS, Give me a break. Its just more of obamas smoke and mirrors.
    I study weather history and actually look and can see.

  7. For all the non-scientist/engineer, man-made, global warming believers….just use your common sense and think about the subject for a minute. You are free to keep believing this nonsense but just for a minute indulge in your own thinking, since you aren’t experts and the issue has been politicized by both sides.

    If the earth’s climate is changing, does that mean it’s changing for the worse?
    What is best? Tell us what the Optimum global temperature is?
    When has it been at the optimum, world-wide temperature and for how long was it there?
    Tell us why the current “climate change” (please admit that the climate always changes), is totally bad, nothing good coming from it?
    When has any other natural occurrence in man’s existence been ALL bad, nothing good?
    And please separate the two issues…changing climate is a different issue than man-made changing climate. Just because you see the climate changing, doesn’t directly correlate to it being from one cause, such as human-caused.
    Tell us what prediction, 100 years in the future, has ever panned out and been completely true?
    Please admit that you have at least studied the 97%-of-all-scientists falsehood and you do understand that it was a survey of a few questions, only answered by less than 100 scientists, not 97% of ALL scientists.
    Please admit that you understand the ‘scientific method’ and if you don’t, please research what the scientific method is and listen to Richard Feynman’s excellent explanation of it on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYPapE-3FRw
    When someone declares that the science is settled, on a subject as complex as the earth climate, you should be suspicious. This reasoning goes against the scientific method.
    The summation of the scientific method is,…If the theory disagrees with the experiment…IT’S WRONG.
    Especially after only seriously modeling the issue for 100 years (with inaccurate measuring instruments and limited data points, in the early years).

    Just sit in a room by yourself and THINK.

  8. Tom, I feel we are wasting our time. I study weather history from the big ice age till today.

    I’m convinced that folks like us will never convince liberals of this man-made climate change fraud. Remember when we were going to have another ice age [ 70s-80s], That didn’t happen so then we were going to destroy ourselves with gore-bal warming [ 90s-2000s]. When it was proven that wasn’t going to happen it then became climate change. Well, at least they finally got the term correct. Climate will change, it has to, thats its job. But since none of the computer model forecasts have been correct, it has been proven the books were cooked to try an attempt to fall in line with the liberal agenda. We could go into all the climate changes through out history that took place long before any bad old auto tail pipes and factory chimneys, but, why bother.

    But, back to wasting our time. Where are we going when someone thinks because a portion of one street floods that it was due to climate change [when a storm drain was plugged] is beyond reasonable comprehension. [ I talked with a friend who lives in that area].

    Some people just don’t want to spend some time on real research, its easier to listen to a bunch of other liberal talking heads.

    Now, if I turn out to be wrong, I’ll apologize and start building that Ark and start filling it. Or maybe just start buying cheap high ground and then make a fortune selling it as ocean front property in a few years.

  9. Then start apologizing!
    If you had a costal zone degree and lived on a island for a few decades I would believe your opinions. But you don’t and I won’t.

    You have not done any research. It floods all over the island (and up the keys) on high tide (zero rain) and often!! The few inches make the difference and effects businesses.
    Try reading the KW citizen articles or the university of south florida studies on the data!
    Never mind you guys sure know more up north than the people that live with and study it daily.
    No way you spent much time in the Keys or have spoken to many of the natives on the effects clearly evident.

  10. Typical republicans (libertarias) turning it around to the man made / natural cycle debate.
    Not the topic I mentioned. This is not a polital debate but rather a environmental fact that sea level rise effects the keys and low lying areas all over the world now.

  11. Anonymous, (nice safe title),

    First of all, you don’t know that I am a Republican, Democrat, libertarian, or a non-voter and why should politics have anything to do with what one believes when using common sense?

    And as far as “turning it around”, are you saying then that global warming is not man-made?

    If so, then there is nothing that man can do to change global warming so why support the government spending trillions of dollars fighting a non-man-made problem.

    You mentioned “those in Paris”. Those people in Paris are trying to solve a man-made climate problem. That is the entire point to the summit. So I have to assume you believe it to be man-made global warming.

    The the point I am making is they are not following scientific method to prove that it’s man-made. We should not be blowing up our economy on a naturally occurring climate cycle. If it’s man-made…prove it. So far they haven’t. The world opinion is so far, not convinced. Look at polling on the subject.

    So which is it? Do you believe global warming is man-made or not? We aren’t “turning anything around” on you. You seem to have the problem dealing with logic.

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