Syracuse, my Syracuse!

Scott Shafer, the football coach, got fired. I hate to see anyone canned. However, he has been making bad decisions. Especially in the Clemson and LSU games at times when the chance to win existed.

His major achievement was in recruiting. If Syracuse becomes successful in the next three years, it will be because of Shafer’s recruiting.

He has one year left on his contract. He has agreed to coach the last game of the season saturday against Boston College.

This is overlap time. Basketball season has started.

Syracuse plays Charlotte today in the Bahamas. Part of the Battle for Atlantis Tournament. Syracuse favored by 14 points. The game is at 2:30 on ESPN2.

I will be watching the game, of course. However, I will have to take a break at 3. The KONK News interview I do fridays will be recorded at 3 this afternoon for airing friday. I am not available friday.

I will be interviewed re this week’s KONK Life column Muslim Refugees…..No.

My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou aired last night. A topic that garnered considerable comment had to do with what I described as the unknown Thanksgiving story. Thanksgiving not the way we know it, have been taught to believe. Surprising. Too long to spell out here. For another day and format.

The blog talk radio show is linked to my Key West Lou website where you can listen to the story in detail any time.

The Keys History section in this morning’s Key West Citizen commented on the Keys/Key West visit in 1952 by Princess Martha of Norway and her two daughters. Princess Martha came up in my research for Sexual Tales of Old. Sex being  common place, I overloaded with instances to report. Due to space and wanting to report instances several hundred years back in history, I left the Princess Martha story out.

I briefly share it with you today.

Martha was first the Princess of Sweden where she was born. She married Crown Prince Olav of Norway, thereby becoming Princess Martha of Norway.

The Princess and her family escaped Nazi occupation during World War II. The Princess and children went to live in the U.S. The Crown Prince, England.

The Princess and President Franklin D. Roosevelt were good friends. Before World War II, the families were close. During the war, the Princess and FDR had a full blown affair. She had access to the White House and Hyde Park. She would visit when Eleanor Roosevelt was away. She referred to  Roosevelt as Dear Godfather.

Roosevelt was disabled. Confined to a wheel chair most of his adult life. Apparently not sexually disabled. The President had five affairs/relationships from the time he was Governor of New York till the time he died.

The Chicago video recently released is shocking. The police officer was correctly indicted for murder.

The black victim was 10 feet away and moving away from the police officer. He was carrying a 3 inch knife.

From the time the police officer arrived till the shooting ended, the police officer was at the scene 30 seconds. He shot 16 bullets at the victim in 13 seconds. The victim was on the ground after the second shot.

Chicago paid the victim’s family several months ago $5 million. Paid without a lawsuit being instituted.

My criticism of the process is that it took more than a year for the police officer to be indicted. If the situation were reversed and the police officer shot, the black man would be indicted in 48-72 hours.

Not equal justice.

Tripped onto an article yesterday re germs on airplanes and in airports. Not the bathrooms in planes. They are relatively clean because they are frequently sanitized.

The table trays the worst. Rarely cleaned. Running a close second, the drinking fountain button in airports.

Many other germy areas. None close to the degree of germs found on the trays and water fountain buttons, however.

Enjoy your day!


4 comments on “SU DAY

  1. ‘Not equal justice’. end quote

    Not sure how anyone can make such a statement, especially from anyone involved with our legal system. Nature needs to take its course. The victim has been pretty well proven to have been high on PCP, so there may well be more to this than we have been told, and, probably the reason this has taken so long.

    • Happy Thanksgiving Patrick!

      How can you take the position you do? The PCP had little if anything to do with the shooting itself. Three points. First, what danger was the victim to the police officer? The video shows him 10 feet away and moving away. Additionally, there was more than one police officer. None of them found it necessary to shot. Finally, something had to be very wrong for the City of Chicago to pay the victim’s family $5 million relatively easy and in short time. Without the family even suing.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Lou. I hope you enjoy the time with your family.

    All I’m saying is to let nature take its course. The video is damning. I believe 6 other officers on the scene did not shoot and even have stated they told the shooting officer to stop or not to shoot. It looks bad for that officer, but, I’m not passing judgment till its all over. I know anything can happen with a jury. I think one also has to remember what has been happening [ 83, I think, black on black shootings in Chicago last month, the recent shooting of another white officer by a black, etc], and, that this is Raum Emanual’s [sp] town.
    After-al, I still think that OJ did it. So, what do I know.

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