Syria has opened the door to  a serious discussion of Muslim immigration. Whether the United States should accept any of the Muslims who have escaped Syria.

Those opposed are fearful of terrorists being able to easily sneak into the U.S. disguised as immigrants. A valid concern. However, not the real problem.

Republicans and some Democrats are using the terrorist argument to adopt more stringent vetting laws. Such persons fail to realize that the vetting process already in place works well.

A vetting process that takes 1.5 to 2 years.  As regards the thousands of immigrants granted entry in recent years, only three turned out to be terrorists.

Typical of political leaders the past quarter century, the blind cannot see. They have failed and continue to fail to see what would occur if a large number of Muslim immigrants were permitted entry.

I do not believe that Congress pays close attention to what is going on in the world. Congress fails to understand or take the time to understand the niitty gritty of most issues.

Xenophobia is the intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. Islam phobia is the dislike/fear of Muslims.

I am guilty of both phobias. Except, my xenophobia is not irrational.

The ultimate goal of Islam is world domination. A step at a time. Immigrate to countries. Join each other in living in specific neighborhoods. Keep local authority out. Rule yourselves. Apply Sharia law. The ultimate goal over a long period of time being to take control of host countries. One by one.

Conversion a part of the program. Convert Christians to Islam. If they refuse, kill them. The same as ISIS is doing to Christians in the Middle East. Jews kill outright. They should not be provided the conversion option.

Muslims who settle in another country want their Muslim culture and customs adopted. They do not want to assimilate. The Koran prohibits it. Conversion the key and not assimilation.

Keep in mind the goal is world domination.

Muslim immigrants want to live as they have in their previous homeland as regards the Koran. Things like child marriage, lashings, stonings, honor killings of women, anti-Semitism, special rights for Muslim workers, demand that Sharia law be substituted for existing civil law, and more.

Muslim experiences in European countries provide clear definitive proof.

Britain already has in excess of 85 Sharia courts. Britain gave in to Muslim demands in this regard. Britain also has no-go zones across the country. Areas too dangerous for non Muslims to enter. These no go zones are microstates in effect ruled under Sharia law, the Muslims having rejected Britain’s legal system.

There is a campaign to turn 12 British cities into independent Islamic states. The cities include Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Londonistan.

There are Tower Hamlets in East London. They are referred to by Muslims as Tower Hamlets Taliban. The Muslims control the Hamlets. They issue death threats to unveiled women and attack gays. Leaflets are distributed: “You are in a Sharia controlled zone”. Islamic rules enforced.”

John Reid, Britain’s Home Secretary, visited East London. He was challenged by a leading Islamist: “How dare you come to a Muslim area?”

Britain made a grave error when Muslims started showing up in numbers. They acceded to what was demanded. They protected what they viewed as the rights of Islamists. Britain tried to be the good guy, the fair one. To Britain’s detriment. Now it is thought to be too late to do anything about the problem.

France is in the news big time these days. No wonder. France has the largest Muslim population in Europe. Six and a half million. The French Muslim population has reached the point where it wants a parallel Muslim society with the French. A parallel society ruled by Sharia law.

The Muslims have created neighborhoods/zones that they control. To the exclusion of those of other faiths and the French government. They are called Sensitive Urban Zones (ZUS). There are 751 such zones in France.

Disturbances a nightly thing. Burning of cars, blocked streets and sidewalks for Friday prayers, mosques broadcasting sermons and chants via street loudspeakers, etc.

The activities are downplayed in the French media. The reason being the press does not want to be accused of racism or Islamophobia. Local authorities do nothing. They do not want to confront what is in actuality an occupation of their cities. Tanks and soldiers would be required.

The Dutch government reports 40 no-go zones exist in the Netherlands. Twenty percent of the population is Muslim.

Police send two patrol cars on calls. Each to protect the other. Hostile Muslims throw rocks at the police cars. The police do nothing. They are so ordered.

During the Islamic month of Ramadan, the police were ordered by their superiors not to drink coffee or eat in public places for fear of offending the Muslims.

Sweden is considered by the Muslims as “…..the best Islamic state.”

The City of Malmo has a 25 percent Muslim population. Whole patches of the city are no-go zones. In Malmo and Gothenberg, Muslim teenagers burn cars, attack emergency services, throw stones at patrolling officers, and temporarily blind police officers with green lasers.

Germany is no different. The same problems as Britain, France, the Netherlands and Sweden. Such being the case, I can not understand why Merkel wants to accept a million more Muslim refugees.

Germany is confronted with zone type neighborhoods. Intimidation and violence common place. Muslims push all infidels whose secular values are different form theirs out. The Muslims in many instances refuse public services such as police, firefighters and ambulances. Stones, bottles and bullets meet any public service entity seeking admission.

The result is the German zones are war zones. The government has retreated. Germany’s Chief Police Commissioner Bernhard Witthaut said, “The power of the state is completely out of the picture.”

Italy is not yet as bad as the previous countries mentioned. The process is underway, however.

The Muslims have commandeered Rome’s Piazza Venegia for public prayers. In Bologna, Islamists repeatedly threaten to bomb San Petronio Cathedral. The Cathedral contains a fresco which depicts the prophet Mohamed being tormented in hell.

The proof of the pudding is what has been represented. Muslim immigrants want to create parallel societies. They want to remain segregated from other people in the host nation. Integration is not an option for them.

Islamic scholar Robert Spencer said it best. He believes what Islamic supremacists want is not merely a place at the table–equal rights under the law as previous minority groups have sought in civil rights movements….they want their own table, utterly distinct from the man made laws of infidels.

We are the infidels.

The U.S. is beset with enough of its own internal problems. There is no need to foist another on top of it all by accepting Muslim immigrants. They do not want our way of life.

Previous immigrants came and learned to be Americans. They wanted to be Americans. The Italians, Irish, Poles, Germans, and more recently the Bosnians.

My position a simple one. If you do not like us or want to be like us, do not come here. Stay where ever you are or somewhere else in the world. We betray ourselves and our heritage if we take any number of them in.

I can see the uproar my words will cause with some. Anti-religious the cry. Lacking in charity. Un-American. I do not buy it. Primary importance is to preserve our way of life for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.

Two closing observations.

The Middle East countries of affluence such as Saudi Arabia have refused to take any of the Syrian immigrants in. The immigrants are their people. Such says something.

The American media has failed to inform us of much which is contained herein. Why? Another example of the press’ failure to keep us advised. It is referred to as selective news reporting.

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