The bocce playoffs were rained out. They have been rescheduled for next weekend.

A disappointment.

Don called around noon to say out 3 pm start time had been moved up to 6. They were trying to dry out the courts. Mother Nature did not cooperate. It rained heavy in the afternoon also.

All was not lost. Now I had time to research this week’s KONK Life column. It will be a step beyond the terrorist fear.

Muslims in European nations have failed to assimilate. They do what they want. Even to having their own court system. The governments of these nations turn away. They do not want trouble.

The media fails to tell us of these things

I fear the assimilation problem ultimately is greater than the terrorist one. It is based on a desire to take over governments.

You will find the subject matter interesting. I will be writing the column this afternoon.

Bocce was not the only thing that left me disappointed yesterday. I stayed home to watch the Syracuse/Elon game at 7. Could not get it on TV. And I generally get everything. The game apparently not that important.

Syracuse won 66-55. No big deal. Syracuse was playing a non-entity school. Syracuse was losing 39-37 in the second half when it went on a 21-6 run.

Next game wednesday. Play Charlotte in the Bahamas in the Battle for Atlantis.

The rain left many streets flooded. It is not merely that the sewers cannot take the extra rain flow, higher ocean levels now come into play. Streets not before flooded are now flooded. Like Truman and Flagler. The water being ocean contains salt. Not good for cars. I am not referring to the bodies. The engines themselves are in danger if salt water gets in.

Dave Talpasz till recently was the Manager of Tavern ‘n Town. He also recently was designated Marriott’s 2014 Restaurateur of the Americas. A big deal.

Spottswood Management owns and operates Key West Marriott and two other facilities in the Keys. Spottswood Management has promoted Talpasz to Corporate Director of Food and Beverage Operations for all facilities.

A major step up. Dave is well deserving. Highly competent. A good personality. I also compliment Robert Spottswood for making the choice. Robert is a quality person who can recognize the quality attribute in another.

Keys History this morning mentions that on this day in 1964, direct dial long distance phoning became available. Seems like yesterday. I remember. A big deal. I was four years in the practice at the time.

I also recall when few homes had phones. We did not have one for years. The corner grocery store did. My parents would call from that phone.

I recall also that our first phone was a four party line. Which meant three other households were tied into your line. If you heard voices speaking when you picked up the phone, one of the other parties was using it. You had to wait.

Then we had a two party line. Finally, our own line. My parents were thrilled!

Getting back to long distance calling before the direct dial hook up, if you wanted to make a long distance call you had to speak to the operator. You gave her the city and number and she did the dialing.

Who would ever have thought back then that some day we would be carrying our phones in our pockets and basically could call and receive calls anywhere.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Patrick,

    How did you reply to the blog? I see you are first on the list, so there must have been something you saw on the blog in order to reply.

    The only way I can reply is after someone else does first, then at the bottom of the page of the “reply” page, there is a box for replying. Nothing on the bottom of a new blog.

  2. Tom
    For awhile a reply couldn’t be posted. I thought that was the way Lou wanted it [ smiley face]. But now its back to way it was. At least for me it was.

  3. You asked, “Who would ever have thought back then that some day we would be carrying our phones in our pockets”

    Well… I suspect at least Gene Roddenberry. In 1964 he created Star Trek (didn’t premier till ’66). Capt. Kirk carried a flip-phone and talked to Spock while he was in orbit.

    We now have surpassed that flip-phone by a long shot and talk to each other all over the globe via orbiting satellites. What will the next 50 years bring?

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