It was stay at home for Louis yesterday. Without teeth, I wanted to see no one.

Eating was no problem. I blended everything. Even apple pie! By mid afternoon, I had a desire for apple pie. There was a new one in the refrigerator. Threw it in the blender with some fruit and chocolate milk. Heavenly!

I am waiting for the dentist to call this morning so I can return to normal.

I was surprised I was able to get the Syracuse game last night. It was on FSN. Comcast channel 39.

Syracuse beat Wake Forest by 10. 67-57. The game was close till the last couple of minutes. Then per its usual custom, Syracuse pushed ahead. Saturday is Duke. A very big game!

The Key West Citizen reported that the Islamorada Outback was closing. It was in the Hampton Inn. the H?ampton has been sold. the new owner and Outback apparently could not make a deal.

Periodically, I run away to Islamorada for a few days. Only 1.5 hours north of Key West. Yet another world. I enjoy my leisure time there. I tried the Outback once. Food was the same. Atmosphere horrible. The restaurant decor went back to the 1950s. The place was old and grungy. Not the typical Outback. I am glad it will be gone.

Every now and then, I pontificate on how wrong the U.S. government is in not having permitted the banks to fail nor in prosecuting bank officials. Iceland did. Threw the bankers in jail.

Iceland was confronted with the same problems as the United States. High unemployment being one of them. Today, Iceland’s unemployment is at 4 per cent. Iceland says it will be down to 2 per cent in two years.

Will we ever learn? Iceland’s people went after the banks and refused to let the banks control them. I question whether it will ever happen in the United States.  Not as long as the banks control our halls of government.

I am going out tonight!!!

Enjoy your day!

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