What a beautiful morning! Nothing moving. Zero wind. No clouds in the sky. All is peaceful and quiet. I cannot even hear the water.

The cold spell is gone. Today will be 75. The rest of the week 75.

I watched the Grammys last night. Not a show I normally would watch. However out of deference to my yet lingering cold, I stayed in all day. First time I viewed the Grammys.

Beyonce is lovely and talented. Her butt incredible. Not for national television however. Call me a prude, but I thought her dancing was too seductive. As I understand it, Beyonce has a huge teen following and I am sure they were all watching last night.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr excited me. My generation. I recall seeing the Beatles the first time they appeared in the United States. It was on the Ed Sullivan Show. They were an instantaneous hit.

My afternoon was spent writing this week’s KONK Life column. Homosexuals Lost In History. It publishes wednesday. You will find it interesting.

Apparently the Fantasy Fest nudity laws are to be changed again. Before I go any further, there is no inconsistency on my part. The Grammys went world wide into homes with teenagers and children. Fantasy Fest is an adult party where there are few if any young ones.

I enjoy seeing bare ass women or almost completely nude women. I find nothing wrong with Fantasy Fest. It is advertised as an adult party. That is what it is. People come to Key West to express themselves as they do not back home.

Key West has a handful of religious fanatics who are vocal. They are the squeaky wheel. They are heard every few years. This appears to be one of the years. New laws will be passed. They may be violated. Generally unintentionally. There may be arrests. A furor will arise. In the final analysis, justice will be done and the charges dismissed.

Tomorrow night my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. I understand there were audio problems during last week’s broadcast. Sorry. I did not know. I have no way of knowing while the show is being aired. Hopefully the problem will have been rectified by tomorrow night’s show.

Enjoy your day!


  1. But what did you think of Taytay’s (taylor swift’s) song. I think the sadness is palpable. I’ve heard in many times — at first bitter, then sad, then mad, now resigned. What an artist. (imho)

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