This is the day after. I loaded up on garlic yesterday. Jean Carper’s home remedy for a bad cold.

I had to go to Publix to buy the garlic. I do not keep it. Lots for sale. Two different types. One more expensive than the other. I bought the cheaper one.  A nice hard big one. I could not wait to get home to try it! Ho ho!

Was not bad! I cut out a couple of cloves and chewed away. Not the best thing I have ever tasted. Not the worse, either. Got it down.

The garlic worked. I did it four times yesterday. Kissable I was not. But must tell you, the garlic kills everything! The sneezing, runny nose and sore throat. Two cloves good for 2-3 hours.

I feel better today. Cold still with me. The worst behind me, however.

On top of it all, I fell. In my garage. I was on my knees checking out the numbers on a tire. Need a new one. Went to get up. Difficult for me to do in my old age. Pushed too hard. Shot forward before falling on my right side. Head to toes. Head ok. Shoulder and arm sore this morning. Right hip sore. Scrapped my right knee good. Have it covered with several band aids.

Way to go, Louis!

Today Syracuse/Miami basketball. At one. Syracuse should win. Who knows. I appreciate Syracuse will lose a few games before the season is over. But as I die hard fan, I am always wishing the team does not.

I will be viewing the game at the Sports Pub. I assume Dan will be joining me.

I love Southern old white men. They are at it again with women’s bodies. They should make love to the ladies  rather than dominate them. Huckabee said a couple of days ago in a speech that Democrats believe women need government to control their libidos and reproductive systems. To the contrary Mr. Huckabee, they need you guys to stay out of their vaginas and bodies legislatively and recognize the inherent right of women to control their own bodies.

It was reported this past week that a kindergarten teacher locked one of her pupils in a closet. It was a time out for something the 5 year old had done. The teacher forgot the child in the locked closet and went home early because she was not feeling well. The child’s mother wants blood! My recollection of my early school days was that if you were bad you were made to sit on a stool in the corner with a dunce cap on. Both screw up the child’s mind to a degree. The dunce cap one is easier on the child from my perspective.

Enjoy your day!



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  1. Typical, all the liberal news channels have jumped on the Huckabee speech. Of course, they cherry-picked and took out of context what he said and why he said what he did. I would suggest listening to the complete speech, but, that requires listening to a real news channel.

  2. “To the contrary Mr. Huckabee, they need you guys to stay out of their vaginas and bodies legislatively and recognize the inherent right of women to control their own bodies.”

    Great quote Lou. I don;t know Patrick, Huck’s “uncle Sugar” remarks surely are an offense is I was a female. I strongly suggest the GOP or Gran Old (white male) People Party get out of the controlling other people’s bodies business. Not good for elections. They should focus on things Guvment should be doing like fixing bridges, filling pot holes and figuring out why our education system sucks and our myth of economic mobility has now failed.

    Oh, and they may want to look at why the water got tainted for 300,000 people in WV. Of course, many people don;t care about WV so long as the coal flows so the flat screen will work but that is not very patriotic is it?

    I do think Huck has it right on the RINO statement. Those pesky Tea Baggers sure are ripping the moderate Republicans a new one. His “Nazi business” though, OMG. No, please never vote for this man if you were promoted beyond fifth grade.

  3. Like I suggested, listen to the WHOLE speech. The republicans are not the ones trying to dictate to women, just the opposite. The war on women is being waged by the democrats. Its too bad folks don’t look into the facts of issues.

    • I listened to it all and added in the facts Huck avoided like the Republican effort to de-fund Planned parenthood, the mandatory and hyper-intrusive doctor’s exams of women’s privates prior to an abortion election and the ridiculous attack on contraception which is weird in a nation I thought was mature and not stuck in the Middle Ages. Heck, Oklahoma is so terrified of same-sex marriage they want to do away with all marriage.

      Talk about the WHOLE picture!

      The Repubs seem eager for total freedom when it comes to their personal money and belief system. As to anyone else’s beliefs, bodies or money, well they are up for their grabs it would appear.

      Huck is just a talking head example of a dying legacy of hate an distrust founded upon greed and masked in the cloak of Jesus. Of course, the real Jesus would spit upon them, if you ever read all of HIS speeches and sermons. Oddly, if they believe it all they sure do play “loosey goosey” with their mortal souls.

  4. Typical. Not true at all.
    As far as defunding Planned Parenthood, abortion mills should not be funded with taxpayer money. With todays technology to be able to see at 6 weeks a beating heart, developing organs and the fight the child puts up during an abortion, late term abortions should be banned.

    • “Typical. Not true at all.”

      Are you saying everything I listed is not a Repub position? You can list all the beating hearts you want but repubs appear to have no qualms about bombing, droning and destroying civilians including very alive and breathing children overseas in pointless wars made to order for big defense contractors. Not to mention the loss of life and maiming of our own people in nations that do not wants us to be there.

      As for the greed statement, you believe Jesus is on board with probing women’s private parts, cutting assistance to the poorest among us while income equality goes through the roof to approach the old Imperial times of HIS days. You been drinking the fake “Prosperity Gospel” belched by talking pretty heads hoping to make a buck for themselves advising the greedy that greed is good and the suffering among us deserve what they get.

  5. One thing we seem to agree about are the wars.

    As for ‘income inequality ‘, its increased more during the 5 years than the past 5 decades under other administrations.

  6. To Anonymous. A handle like that tells all I need to know about such a person that would make such a comment.
    Whether I’m welcome or not by you, so be it. I’ve been in KW for 15 years [winters] and have my circle of friends.

    • We can agree to disagree and hopefully, unlike the fools in Congress (on both sides)we can concur that both of us have valid points. The trick is to pick the best of both and make it work for all.

      As for Patrick being in KW. That is his choice and right and whether one agrees with his positions, so what, this is America and too many have died for all of us to have a right to our opinions.

      I wish I was in KW right now with the thermometer hitting 6 above.

  7. Yep, its good to disagree. What would life be like if we all thought alike, boring I think. I live in the land of liberals, Upstate New York and the Keys. So I have many liberal friends and I enjoy our arguments, errr, discussions.

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