Late night!

Iowa surprised. No question about it.

Trump came in second. Cruz won. Rubio one point behind Trump.

Rubio has the momentum. New Hampshire going to be interesting..

Sanders deserves all kinds of accolades. Ran a dead heat race against Clinton. I think Clinton won by two tenths of one percentage point..

The polls were off. Lets see how they do in New Hampshire.

My friend Tom in Iowa was correct. He always is. He told me yesterday Rubio would make an excellent showing.

Last night a run around. No question. Season is here. In full force.

I went to Hogfish for dinner. A line waiting to be seated. Went into the bar. I generally can find a seat there. It has always been catch as catch can. The bar has some tall round tables. Sure enough, got one.

Sat down. Hostess came over and said all tables in bar now seated by list. I talked to her a bit and thought I had sweet charmed her. She walked away.

Two minutes later this big waitress with a distinctive harsh voice told me to sign up and wait. She made it clear I would not be waited on.

Not wanting to wait, I took a chance on Roostica a few minutes down the road. Anticipated the same problem. I was lucky. Walked in and a table available in the bar room.

I will be making reservations from this point forward till the season ends.

Too many people! I fear the island will sink from the sheer weight of them.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Interesting topics. Iowa, of course. In addition, the danger of anti-American citizen groups, military spending, destruction of the middle class, cost of a college education, and more.

Syracuse/Virginia Tech tonight at 8. I will be able to watch most of the first half. Vegas spread has Virginia Tech winning by 10.

Short blog. Have to move my ass. An early morning visit with one of my doctors. I wish I was being paid for these doctor visits.

Enjoy your day!


When I first started visiting Key West 26 years ago, the season was February 15 to the end of Easter week. Key West has come a long way! The season now almost year long.

The town was dead from January 1 to February 15. Then dead only to February 1. Now, January jumping. Part of the season.

The Proof of the pudding is this January. It started before Christmas and has not stopped. Tons of visitors.

The season is really here when locals have to call for a reservation. I went to Tavern ‘n Town last night for dinner. 6:15. Not a seat in the bar or in the bar area. I did not want to drive downtown because the problem would be the same.

I went to the hostess desk. I could hear one hostess saying to a couple an hour to hour and a half wait.


Fortunately, Tavern ‘n Town Restaurant Manager Marcus walked up. I quietly asked Marcus if he could help, pointing out there was no room at the bar. The hostess went to interrupt him. He gently put up his hand to her and me. The message was clear. He would take care of it. He did. I was taken to a lovely table in the new dining room.

I have lived in Key West long enough to know a reservation is required during season. It was my fault if I could not be seated. It was nice that Marcus recognized I was a regular customer. I eat at Tavern ‘n Town at least two nights a week. Sometimes, three.

Ran into Tino at Tavern ‘n Town. We hugged. He will be here a couple of weeks.

I am going to the opera tonight. At The studios of Key West. I have been to only one opera in my life. Did not enjoy it. Not understanding the language one of the problems.

Two reasons why I am going tonight. The opera is in English. Second, the topic interesting. Concerns two Arab ladies married to the same man in a Muslim country. The every day lives of the two ladies.

I am excited about the opera. There is much to learn about Muslim customs. The opera is titled A Thousand Splendid Suns.

My plan is to have dinner afterwards at Hot Tin Roof. I will call for a reservation.

My sole outing day wise yesterday was to use the anti-gravity treadmill. Dave using it also. Always good to see Dave.

I spent the afternoon at home being lazy.

Syracuse played Boston College last night. Syracuse won 60-42. Expected, but not certain this year.

Cold yesterday. Cold last night. Kept the heat on. Raining now. The day supposed to warm up. To around 75 degrees.

Enjoy your day!




Sunday was a full day for me. A good one.

I got to watch Dr. Zhivago for the umpteenth time. Always exciting! Love Russian history! The film based on Boris Pasternak’s novel of the same name.

A Russian movie I enjoy even more is War and Peace. Based on Leo Tolstoy’s book.

I have only seen the movie two times. It does not get played on TV. I saw it in a movie theater when it first came out in 1956. A few years later on TV. Since, no more. I wish Turner or someone would start running it.

War and Peace’s music got to me. Even more than Dr. Zhivago’s. The theme song is a waltz. The mind dances through many of the scenes.

The book was torture to read. Eleven hundred plus pages. The last 25 percent more philosophy rather than historical novel.

I wrote this week’s KONK Life column. Political Sexcapades. An interesting title. An interesting story. Begins with the sexual lives of those who “persecuted” President Clinton re Monica Lewinsky. It ends with the admonition that most are sinners.

Trump has threatened Clinton to be careful if she is going to play the sexism card. I warn/predict a down and dirty campaign. Perhaps the dirtiest ever.

A scenario that should not be. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone type thing.

The column publishes wednesday.

Even got to watch the Syracuse/Texas Southern game. Syracuse won 80-67.

The honeymoon is over. Syracuse play will now be in the ACC. The ACC season starts wednesday night when Syracuse plays Pittsburgh.

A quick dinner at Roostica. Sunday night is spaghetti, meatballs and sausage as my grandmother and mother prepared.

Duval and its side streets are crowded. It is like high season. A big Key West New Year’s Eve ahead.

Key West Citizen’s Keys History notes that on this day during Eisenhower’s Presidency, Eisenhower arrived in Key West to recuperate from a heart problem.

Eisenhower was probably aware of how restful Truman found our island.

Enjoy your day!


I will be shocked if at the end of the season, Key West merchants complain. The season appears to be a gigantic success. People, bicycles and cars. Everywhere! Everyone smiling.

As it should be.

Last night was simple. First, Don’s Place. Conversation with Don, Jimmy, John and Keith. Bocce and golf the subject matter. Then Don and I to Tavern ‘n Town for dinner.

I love talking about Harry Truman. He is as important to Key West’s history as Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams.

The Key West Citizen’s History portion this morning had a picture of Truman and Speaker Sam Rayburn taking a walk in Key West. Sometime in November 1948. Truman was dressed Key West style. A colorful sport shirt.

The walk took place on one of Truman’s 11 visits to Key West. He spent a total of 175 days here.

Angus. Angus. Angus. One of the nicest guys in town. No one would dispute me. Angus spends time at Don’s Place, plays bocce and works as bar manager at Schooner Wharf. This morning’s E-Blast carries a couple of pictures of Angus on St. Patrick’s Day taken at Schooner Wharf.

This is amazing! I have been talking for three years about Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro. He’ the guy who ran out of toilet paper, milk and condoms. Plus, all kinds of foodstuffs. The Venezuela people suffered and continue to suffer.

I am surprised the people have not yet revolted. Things are that bad.

Maduro needed a scapegoat so as Venezuelans would not think he was responsible. He found one. The United States. He blames us for everything. His present complaint/warning is the United States is assisting in a coup and planning to invade Venezuela. The guy is a nut!

Over the three years, I have compared Maduro to Castro. Castro blamed all of Cuba’s evils for 50 years on the United States. Cuba and Venezuela are close. Best friends.

Raul Castro spoke out yesterday in defense of  Maduro and Venezuela. Regarding the United States, he said it was “…..impossible to seduce Cuba or intimidate Venezuela.” Said by Castro while Cuba and the U.S. are negotiating a reunion.

Everyone crazy!

On this day in 2003, Bush 2 announced the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The map of the Middle East changed as a result. Wars became commonplace. No weapons of mass destruction were found.

Thank you, Mr. President. Iraq is your legacy. Sad because you did do good in many other areas. Mark Anthony’s words at the time of Caesar’s death come into play. As I recall…..The good men do is interred with his bones, the evil lives on forever.

I have to hustle. Have a haircut appointment this morning. Parking has become a big time problem under the new parking rules. I need extra time to find a proper parking place.

Enjoy your day!





When the sun came up this morning, there was a mild fog laying over the island. Within an hour, it was a heavy fog. Thick. It is now another hour later and the fog is lifting. Still out there, but drifting away.

About 3 weeks ago, Key West experienced fog on two different days. I mentioned how unusual it was to experience fog. Strange. Strange because it is not common to the lower keys.

Larry Smith was at his best last night! He was the speaker at Friends of the Library at St. Paul’s Church. Many in attendance. Twice as many as last week.

Larry served up a musical education. I learned some things about composing I never knew. Catherine sang some medleys which fit into Larry’s talk. I enjoyed!

Dan joined me for Larry’s talk. Wife Lisa did not. Their daughter and 5 1/2 month old grandchild are visiting.

Afterwards, we went across the street to La Concha for a drink. The bar located off the street has been redecorated. Strictly a wine place. Dan said there was another bar in the lobby. We had a drink there after which Dan left me to return to his grandchild.

I crossed the street and walked back towards the Gulf. My goal was the Hot Tin Roof. Streets crowded. People waiting in line outside of restaurants to get in. It appears to be a terrific season.

Today is tuesday. My blog talk radio show once again this evening. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 for a half hour of interesting and eye opening material.

Topics will include some background re the young girls running off to join ISIS, Home Land Security, Berwick, Pa. may soon have chickens running around like Key West, American people understanding, and more.

My diet. I have now lost 36 pounds. Not bad!

Two problems occurred recently. I got stuck at 27 pounds for 10 days and at 30 pounds for two weeks. My doctor says it was because my body discovered I was starving and was storing food. I guess I stopped starving each time.

I am not starving myself, though I am eating much less.

Syracuse/Notre Dame tonight. I anticipate Syracuse will lose. Notre Dame has an exceptional team this year. They are ranked in the top 10 nationally.

To the basketball gods, please let the basketball season end!

My home town is Utica, N.Y. The Adirondack mountains an hour drive away. I do not recall seeing any bears in Utica, though I did see many over the years when in the mountains.

I never considered the Florida keys as having bears, let alone a bear problem. This morning’s Key West Citizen reported on the problem.

Years ago, the bear population was decreasing in south Florida dramatically. The government made bears a protected species. Now Florida thinks there are too many. Estimated at 3,000. There have been four maulings recently.

The State says we are going to start hunting bears again, a few have to be killed.

I do not recall anyone ever having seen a bear in the lower keys. My recollection is that there might have been one or two seen in the mid keys. Whatever, a hunting we will go!

Enjoy your day!