When I first started visiting Key West 26 years ago, the season was February 15 to the end of Easter week. Key West has come a long way! The season now almost year long.

The town was dead from January 1 to February 15. Then dead only to February 1. Now, January jumping. Part of the season.

The Proof of the pudding is this January. It started before Christmas and has not stopped. Tons of visitors.

The season is really here when locals have to call for a reservation. I went to Tavern ‘n Town last night for dinner. 6:15. Not a seat in the bar or in the bar area. I did not want to drive downtown because the problem would be the same.

I went to the hostess desk. I could hear one hostess saying to a couple an hour to hour and a half wait.


Fortunately, Tavern ‘n Town Restaurant Manager Marcus walked up. I quietly asked Marcus if he could help, pointing out there was no room at the bar. The hostess went to interrupt him. He gently put up his hand to her and me. The message was clear. He would take care of it. He did. I was taken to a lovely table in the new dining room.

I have lived in Key West long enough to know a reservation is required during season. It was my fault if I could not be seated. It was nice that Marcus recognized I was a regular customer. I eat at Tavern ‘n Town at least two nights a week. Sometimes, three.

Ran into Tino at Tavern ‘n Town. We hugged. He will be here a couple of weeks.

I am going to the opera tonight. At The studios of Key West. I have been to only one opera in my life. Did not enjoy it. Not understanding the language one of the problems.

Two reasons why I am going tonight. The opera is in English. Second, the topic interesting. Concerns two Arab ladies married to the same man in a Muslim country. The every day lives of the two ladies.

I am excited about the opera. There is much to learn about Muslim customs. The opera is titled A Thousand Splendid Suns.

My plan is to have dinner afterwards at Hot Tin Roof. I will call for a reservation.

My sole outing day wise yesterday was to use the anti-gravity treadmill. Dave using it also. Always good to see Dave.

I spent the afternoon at home being lazy.

Syracuse played Boston College last night. Syracuse won 60-42. Expected, but not certain this year.

Cold yesterday. Cold last night. Kept the heat on. Raining now. The day supposed to warm up. To around 75 degrees.

Enjoy your day!




  1. I’m concerned about what’s happening to Key West and we’ve only been coming here for 17 years. We certainly love the town but have concerns about its management and future.

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