I will be shocked if at the end of the season, Key West merchants complain. The season appears to be a gigantic success. People, bicycles and cars. Everywhere! Everyone smiling.

As it should be.

Last night was simple. First, Don’s Place. Conversation with Don, Jimmy, John and Keith. Bocce and golf the subject matter. Then Don and I to Tavern ‘n Town for dinner.

I love talking about Harry Truman. He is as important to Key West’s history as Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams.

The Key West Citizen’s History portion this morning had a picture of Truman and Speaker Sam Rayburn taking a walk in Key West. Sometime in November 1948. Truman was dressed Key West style. A colorful sport shirt.

The walk took place on one of Truman’s 11 visits to Key West. He spent a total of 175 days here.

Angus. Angus. Angus. One of the nicest guys in town. No one would dispute me. Angus spends time at Don’s Place, plays bocce and works as bar manager at Schooner Wharf. This morning’s E-Blast carries a couple of pictures of Angus on St. Patrick’s Day taken at Schooner Wharf.

This is amazing! I have been talking for three years about Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro. He’ the guy who ran out of toilet paper, milk and condoms. Plus, all kinds of foodstuffs. The Venezuela people suffered and continue to suffer.

I am surprised the people have not yet revolted. Things are that bad.

Maduro needed a scapegoat so as Venezuelans would not think he was responsible. He found one. The United States. He blames us for everything. His present complaint/warning is the United States is assisting in a coup and planning to invade Venezuela. The guy is a nut!

Over the three years, I have compared Maduro to Castro. Castro blamed all of Cuba’s evils for 50 years on the United States. Cuba and Venezuela are close. Best friends.

Raul Castro spoke out yesterday in defense of  Maduro and Venezuela. Regarding the United States, he said it was “…..impossible to seduce Cuba or intimidate Venezuela.” Said by Castro while Cuba and the U.S. are negotiating a reunion.

Everyone crazy!

On this day in 2003, Bush 2 announced the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The map of the Middle East changed as a result. Wars became commonplace. No weapons of mass destruction were found.

Thank you, Mr. President. Iraq is your legacy. Sad because you did do good in many other areas. Mark Anthony’s words at the time of Caesar’s death come into play. As I recall…..The good men do is interred with his bones, the evil lives on forever.

I have to hustle. Have a haircut appointment this morning. Parking has become a big time problem under the new parking rules. I need extra time to find a proper parking place.

Enjoy your day!




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