Late night!

Iowa surprised. No question about it.

Trump came in second. Cruz won. Rubio one point behind Trump.

Rubio has the momentum. New Hampshire going to be interesting..

Sanders deserves all kinds of accolades. Ran a dead heat race against Clinton. I think Clinton won by two tenths of one percentage point..

The polls were off. Lets see how they do in New Hampshire.

My friend Tom in Iowa was correct. He always is. He told me yesterday Rubio would make an excellent showing.

Last night a run around. No question. Season is here. In full force.

I went to Hogfish for dinner. A line waiting to be seated. Went into the bar. I generally can find a seat there. It has always been catch as catch can. The bar has some tall round tables. Sure enough, got one.

Sat down. Hostess came over and said all tables in bar now seated by list. I talked to her a bit and thought I had sweet charmed her. She walked away.

Two minutes later this big waitress with a distinctive harsh voice told me to sign up and wait. She made it clear I would not be waited on.

Not wanting to wait, I took a chance on Roostica a few minutes down the road. Anticipated the same problem. I was lucky. Walked in and a table available in the bar room.

I will be making reservations from this point forward till the season ends.

Too many people! I fear the island will sink from the sheer weight of them.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Interesting topics. Iowa, of course. In addition, the danger of anti-American citizen groups, military spending, destruction of the middle class, cost of a college education, and more.

Syracuse/Virginia Tech tonight at 8. I will be able to watch most of the first half. Vegas spread has Virginia Tech winning by 10.

Short blog. Have to move my ass. An early morning visit with one of my doctors. I wish I was being paid for these doctor visits.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “IOWA SURPRISES

  1. Good morning Lou,

    I am appalled that you made no mention of the most important thing of this day. I know your blog was short… and yes, I know there was the hoopla up in Iowa. Actually… I’m glad to know that only 24% of Iowans have voted for a game show host… and that only 28% of them voted for a whack-a-doodle, and that only 23% of them voted for an inexperienced first term senator. (Look where a first term senator got us.)

    I do indeed understand that you are a political junkie. And I know that you just can’t get enough. But I don’t know if I can look the other way when you miss something this important today. Wake up camper… it’s Groundhog Day!!!!!

    And more than that, Punxsutawney Phil, along with other underground rodents throughout North America, DID NOT SEE HIS SHADOW. Which we all know means an early spring.

    I know you will do better this time next year.

    Your friend,
    Kokomo Man

    P.S. The officials at Gobblers Knob are under investigation for false reporting. According to Al Roker there’s not a cloud in the sky over Punxsutawney. Pa today

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