I did it! I went out last night!

I did it! I went out last night!


Went to the Chart Room first. Except for JJ, I knew absolutely no one. Did not even have a drink. Left.

Headed immediately for Don’s place. Everyone there.

Don and David at the bar. Erika, Herschel and Tom seated along the windows. Tom gave me a big hug. Every one seemed genuinely pleased to see me again. I was more pleased to see them!

The names in the preceding paragraph are all members of my bocce team. Much of our conversation centered on bocce.

In the my two week absence, the team went 2-1 and 3-0. Six games. Five wins. Not bad! Obviously my bocce talents were not missed!

Position changes were made in my absence by Captain David and Don. Fortunately, I was left alone. I have played from the same end of the court for 5 years. It would be traumatic to go to the other end.

Tino stopped by. Walking his dog. He leaves next week to return to Chicago. He will be missed.

I had a couple of drinks. Enjoyed the companionship. It was a pleasant evening.

Yesterday’s day time was rain, rain, rain. I never left the house. Worked on friday’s Internet show.

The Drag Race was scheduled for Duval at 2. I don’t know if it took place. I suspect it did. Drag queens move where others fear to tread.

The weather is blistery this morning. No rain, yet. It will come. The wind is from the south. A sure sign that the weather will be bad. I have learned over the years that a southerly wind carries with it horrible weather.

I checked the weather report after I noted the wind direction. There is a Severe Weather Alert. From Miami north. The keys were warned to beware. Tornadoes and hail. The report also said a front was coming in from the south that was driving the bad weather.

I should have been a weather forecaster!

My best companion continues to be the blender. It will so be for another week. I am accustomed to it.

Today is sunday. The very least I will do is have dinner tonight with Lisa. Maybe more.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “I did it! I went out last night!

  1. Glad to hear that you finally made it out and enjoyed the night. Good luck with your continued recovery. Things could be worse, though, as we in WNY are waiting for a snowstorm that could bring 6-18 inches of snow tomorrow. Not too much fun here.

  2. Just when one life seems to be getting back to normal another one goes awry or ends. The time had come for my sweet Bobo to not have to suffer any longer…..it's not an easy or tearless decision for client or Vet to make, but I loved her way too much for 16 1/2 years to have her in pain. Rest in peace my treasured one. Moto

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