Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine. Grant them eternal rest, oh Lord.

The season ended for Syracuse last night. The team lost to Dayton 55-53.

It was a game like most Syracuse games this season. If you saw one, you saw them all. Close. The last few seconds everything. Whether against a good team or bad, the games played out that way.

I am glad it is over. I did not enjoy the season. An emotional strain!

Never the less, I congratulate Coach Boeheim and the team for their 28-6 record. The numbers are good. The actuality not.

I watched the game at Lukas’ place with the lovely Stephanie Kaple. Second time in a row I have enjoyed her company. She was cheering for Dayton Her parents went to school  there or live in Dayton.

We both were emotional. At one point, she claimed I hit her. I had not! I pushed her. Anyhow, she text her mother re the abuse. Mom text back…..Hit him! She did.

Everything else that occurred yesterday was non-consequnetial in comparison to Syracuse’s defeat last night.

I am in mourning.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Big time TV coming to the Florida Keys for filming!

Netflix announced yesterday that a new television series starring Sissy Spacek will be filmed in the Keys. Islamorada to be specific. It is an original series, yet untitled. A mystery. Sissy Spacek plays the mother of a some what dysfunctional family. An old hotel/motel is involved.

Filming starts next week. The series is sixteen weeks. A crew of 125 involved. Each episode will take nine days to film. The cost of each episode $8 million.

Most of the crew will stay in Islamorada, Tavernier, and Key Largo. Star Sissy Spacek at the Ocean Reef in Key Largo. President Obama and Michelle stayed there last week.

The show will be a boon for the Islamorada area. Good for them!  I doubt it will make a dollar impact here in Key West. Islamorada is a one hour forty five minute drive from Key West.

I can understand Islamorada being the site as an old hotel/motel was required. Islamorada is an old Keys vacation spot. Most of the lodgings go back to the 1950s and before. The place is nice, but very elderly. You will recall when I occasionally want to get away from Key West for a few days, I drive up to Islamorada.

An interesting dinner last night at Square One. Darling Jenna. She wanted me to meet Tamara. Jenna is doing a documentary regarding Tamara. The specific subject involves a psychopath. I have an interest in psychopaths and at some time down the road plan a major book involving the subject. Jenna asked me to dinner because of my interest. She also wanted my take on the victim Tamara and her story.

It was some evening!

Afterwards, I stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted with Jeff, Grant, and Angus. Dougie bartending.

Syracuse basketball this evening. 7:10. Against Dayton. Syracuse a 6.5 point favorite. Means nothing. Syracuse has lost several games where they were favored. Also, the mighty are falling in the tournament. Dougie told me last night Mercer beat Duke.

I shall be watching the game at Lukas’ Sports Pub.

Stephanie Kaple telephoned me yesterday. To give me a hard time. I sometimes think she has no one else to beat on. She is a Dayton grad. I invited her to join me tonight. She said she would call. I am still waiting.

Note that my enthusiasm for Syracuse’s chances at the moment are non-committal. I am taking each game as it comes.

A magnificent morning! Sun out. No wind. Absolutely none. The water still. The tide is out. Very much so. I can see the roots of the mangoes across the way. It is a silent time. Dead silent. Generally, the only noise is the moving water. It is one of those God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world times!

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Enjoy your day!