Good morning!

Heavy humidity. Can cut it with a knife. When I opened the glass sliding doors in the kitchen, a blast of heat enveloped me.

This is Friday. Friday is my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 this morning my time. World wide. Join me!

Besides commentaries involving Penn State, the Syracuse/Pitt Big East resolution, and Germany banning circumsicion till 14, there are many other interesting and thought provoking issues being discussed. Like the woman who started a hug a day movement, one drug cocktail executions as opposed to three, a Wendy’s server who sold child porn while turning the food over to the customer, John Holland and three Presidents, Grover Cleveland’s out of wedlock son revealed during Presidential campaign, bras older than previously thought, aging and drinking, and a public decency trial in which charges were dismissed. Plus more.

Good stuff!

Someone commented and asked whether the German circumsicion decision was anti-semetic. I do not know. All I can tell you is that research indicates Germany has been cutting back on the rights of minority groups over the past several years. There are only 180,000 Jews residing in Germany at present. It is reported the German Jews consider this a step back in relations. One which makes them uncomfortable.

Germany is acting strangely in many respects of late. Consider its hard ass handling of Greece which I reported on during my trip. I fear Germany is feeling omnipotent once again.

Yesterday was a simple one. I sat outside under the tiki hut and finished my work for today’s show. Then did research a bit for one of my books.

I finished around 7. I was tired. Made a sandwich, took a shower and went to bed. No Key West for me last night.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Louis,

    I watched your Key West Lou Legal Hour this morning. Good topics, Good commentary. Also, keep the beard. You look distinguished!

    Have a good weekend,

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