The afternoon yesterday outstanding! One of the best experienced in quite a while.

Started with the Syracuse/Pitt game at 2 at Don’s Place. Watched with Don, David and Dan. Barbara stopped by. All good company.

Old friend Bill from the Yacht Club showed up. He shared some kind words with me.

The game left something to be desired. Syracuse lost 66-52. I do not even know if we are on the bubble now for the big post season tournament.

There is nothing like watching a game with other interested friends and whooping it up.

Game over at 4. Decided to eat early. Martin’s happy hour. I am sold on the place!

Combined happy hour and the regular dinner menu. Brie, wienerschnitzel and stone crabs. Two orders of stone crabs.

Half past six and my day was over. I was content. Just enough alcohol and food. Decided to head home and watch TV.

As it turned out, I was not ready for TV. I sat down at the computer needing to come up with this week’s KONK Life column. Found it! Hit me like a bolt of lightning. Cursive writing. A dying art. Not taught in many schools these days. Article will be written beginning at noon today. Title: Goodbye Handwriting.

Let me explain cursive. Only because I did not know what it meant when first I came across the word. Cursive means writing as most adults today know it. Handwriting. No longer being taught. Not needed educators say. Today’s kids will be using computers tomorrow and need not know how to write.

Would you believe!

Slept well. Till 5 without waking. Unusual for me. Even had a good dream.

The Key West Citizen’s Today in Key West History section has been running daily entries from a diary of a Key Wester back in the 1850s. His diary is somewhat like this blog. His name William Hackley. He wrote about his daily experiences.

His day always began with a walk to the salt ponds and back. Then a bath. Today’s diary page makes no mention of either a walk or bathing. First time. Wonder why?

I do not always agree with the Key West Citizen editorials. Just as many of you many times do not agree with my writings. I did agree with today’s editorial, however. The Sun Has Set On Truman Harbor. The issue specifically Truman Marina.

Key West is making claim to the area. The City wants to build a marina to house a ferry boat that will travel to Cuba and return. A brain child of a new Commissioner. Former Judge Payne.

Payne is off base. The U.S. claims the area is needed for security. The U.S. says water rights were not included some 15 years ago when the U.S. turned Truman Harbor land rights over to Key West.

It took 15 years to break ground for the park portion. Nothing else done in 15 years. It will take another 15 years to take another step if Payne and the Commission pursue the good Judge’s folly.

Nothing worse than an old Judge who thinks he knows everything.

The Citizen editorial suggests Payne’s idea a bad one, that the Commission should stop screwing around.

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art opened on February 20, 1872. The Museum one of my favorite places.

While practicing law, my work took me to New York often. I tried to make some time for Louis during these trips. One or two hours. I would spend them at the Met.

I was hung up on art. Great art.

Always spent some time in the Impressionist Wing. A turn on for me. The American Wing thrilled me when opened. My country yesterday.

On two separate occasions, works by Rodin were loaned from Paris to the Met to be displayed. Rodin’s The Thinker grabbed me. Powerful

Rodin’s best work is The Gates of Hell. Overwhelmed me. I made three separate trips to view it. Rodin drew on Dante’s Inferno in creating the Gates. Two huge doors with hundreds of people trying to flee Hell. The pain of Hell obvious on each face.

It will be Meet The Press for me in a few minutes. Then, Goodbye Handwriting.

Enjoy your Sunday!


3 comments on “AFTERNOON…..THE BEST

  1. Handwriting. Having grown up in the 50s and in public schools we [I] were not taught how to write. I print to this day, never could acquire that skill. I admire folks with good hand writing, lucky folks.

    I agree regarding the Truman harbor area. I’d like to see the town stay or return to that which made it famous.

  2. JoAnn went to catholic school across the street from our public school. She and most of those folks have beautiful hand writing. Most folks a bit older have nice handwriting. I’ve always admired that and could never master it, I can’t even read my writing. I believe it was just for a number of years they didn’t teach cursive and they then reverted back to it. I get compliments on my printing, but, that doesn’t mean much.

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