I wrote about Comet back in December. He did not have a name at the time. He was a 90 pound loggerhead sea turtle found off No Name Key. He could not dive. There was a fishing hook lodged in a rear flipper and his intestines were impacted.

It was off to the Marathon Turtle Hospital. The Hospital named him Comet.

After some love, antibiotics, squid, and other fish, Comet has recovered. Gained ten pounds in the process.

Time for Comet to go home. To the ocean.

Saturday at noon, Comet will be released. The place Higgs Beach behind Salute’s. Join in giving him a rousing send off.

I am beginning to think turtles are as much loved in Key West and the lower Keys as Harry Truman.

Yesterday was an early morning visit with Dr. Lefferts. No problems. Routine visit.

Then to my friend, the anti-gravity treadmill. An experience! I am impressed at my speed. Never tired while running on the treadmill. When it is over, exhausted!

Spent the afternoon researching further and fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show.

Gave in. Predicted Donald Trump unstoppable. God help us!

Spent half the show talking about Saudi Arabia. Our “friend” of many years is twisting and turning. All kinds of things happening re Saudi Arabia.

One is the Saudis are flexing their muscle. Talking big. Viewed as a major player in Syria. Biggest importer of firearms in the Middle East.

My message as with Trump. Beware!

Made mention that Saudi Arabia passed a new law in 2014 which is being enforced. Atheists are considered terrorists. Penalty, death. Nineteen percent of Saudi’s population are atheists.

Atheists have been designated terrorists because they do not believe in the Koran. Koran says this is your religion. The atheists have turned their backs on the Koran and religion.

Such goes beyond death to the infidels. Infidels believe in something. Some god or religion. Atheists, nothing.

Accident prone am I. Broke a toe getting up from my desk last night. Hit it against the desk. No big deal. But, it hurts! Cancels the treadmill for a few days.

I discussed at length yesterday the School Board’s poor handling of the $21,000 theft from day care. This morning’s Key West Citizen’s main article on page one involved the State Attorney’s report. Not enough evidence to charge anyone.

The report bothered me. Not because no charges. Rather, the report named the individual suspected to be responsible. The thief. In detail. In spite of insufficient facts to charge her.

My experience in New York was the prosecutor would issue in a case that had received notoriety a simple…..Insufficient facts to support an indictment.

Glad today wednesday! Past few days tough. Now have wednesday, thursday and friday off.

Enjoy your day!

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