My Sunday limited to two events. Writing and eating.

I wrote this week’s KONK Life column. Took me from 11 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Part of the time spent completing research.

The title is Goodbye Handwriting. What I have written is shocking. I did not know. The written word is dying.

I strongly suggest you read the column later in the week when it is published.

A shower and it was off to Roostica. Luckily, I was able to get a table.

Sloan was at Roostica with a large party of family and friends. I was glad to see her and meet them. Sloan was anxious for me to meet her daughter who arrived later. A beautiful young lady. Very personable. Well done, Sloan.

I am off to Miami this morning. Car tune up time. I will never buy a car outside of Key West again. Every time something has to be done to the Volkswagen, I lose a day having to take it to Miami.

Not all lost, however. I plan on stopping at the something Fish Factory in Islamorada on the way back. Stone crabs!

I cannot recall if I wrote in an earlier blog concerning what is about to be shared. I know I addressed the topic on my blog talk radio show Tuesday night.

China and body parts. China and the harvesting of organs.

Human life is not as respected and cherished as in the United States. China does a big business in harvesting and selling human body parts.

Recently, Newsweek published a detailed story concerning the issue. The article was written by several well respected journalists. I point this out because what I am about to share is so far out.

China removes body parts for resale from prisoners. Especially political ones. By the thousands. Livers, corneas and kidneys.

No anesthesia used. The person generally dies during the removal. The person’s body is thrown into an incinerator.

Some live. They are thrown alive into the incinerators with the dead.

China denies the story.

Enjoy your day!


One comment on “SUNDAY WRITING

  1. Islamorada Fish Co. ? North side of the highway ? Good place.

    Good to see you are concerned about the finances of the Clinton Political Machine. I wish more were.

    Many countries are not concerned with human life issues. As powerful as some of these countries now are we should be concerned.

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