Wednesday again. Screw off Wednesday for me. Starts my three day weekend.

I do have a bit of work this evening for about an hour, however. Around six. Sloan will stop in. Miscellaneous things to deal with. Will go out when she leaves.

Spent parts of yesterday fine tuning last night’s podcast. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Did the show at 9. Trump and Hillary took up the first half. I could not avoid political talk. Especially after Trump’s comment re the Second Amendment and Hillary.

I was watching live on TV. My immediate reaction was that Trump was espousing doing away with Hillary. My vision was Klu Klux Klanners in the night, guns drawn, riding to attack her.

An early dinner at Roostica. Holly Ann took care of me.

Discovered Holly Ann has had some interesting years. She lived two in Sicily. Said it was outstanding!

Country living. Drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of food, and just enjoyed.

Key West is located in Monroe Country. Monroe County announced its first Zika case. A woman in Marathon. Marathon is a 1.75 hour drive north from Key West.

The report indicated she did not acquire the disease here. She was infected while traveling outside the U.S.

I forgot about the Big Latch On. This past weekend. Women nationwide breast fed their children at the same time. The purpose to encourage breast feeding.

The event was held in Islamorada and Key West. Only 9 mothers and their infants participated. I thought their would be more.

Nationwide, 17,223 mothers breast fed. A record breaking number.

The Big Latch On leads easily into William Hackley’s life this date in 1855. His new born still suffering from a lack of milk. A Spanish woman was to have stepped in to breast feed tree times a day. No mention of her today.

What is mentioned is that Hackley bought a canister of solidified milk. $4.50.

Sounds like a forerunner of some sort of formula. Formula 1855.

The Department of Defense’s budget for fiscal year 2016 is $585.3 billion. Big bucks!

With all the dramatic tax cuts Trump is advocating, I wonder where the money would come from to meet such a Defense budget and all other budgets. Lower taxes require cuts in all budgets.

Enjoy your day!



We have had a crocodile sighting on a rock off Fort Zach Beach. Purportedly not a human biting one. There have been other croc and alligator sightings recently. Now we learn of Nile crocodiles.

Nile crocs are not native to Florida waters. They come from Africa. Big things. Grow to 20 feet. Eat humans.

So far three Nile croc sightings in Florida swamps. No one can explain how they got here.

As to native crocs and alligators, State authorities say we have shared Florida waters with them for centuries. The intimation being we should not be concerned. It is their territory as well as ours. We must learn to live together.

Hard to buy when one is discovered feet off For Zach Beach.

Today is day one of mini lobster season. It is off to a slow start.

I was up early this morning to sit on the deck and watch the boats rushing out. Fifty by my deck easily. For 16 years. not this year.

The water is choppy today. Cloudy and gray. Only two boats have gone by.

The weather is screwing up everyone’s fun.

My blog talk radio show last night. The topic I spent most time discussing involves protests at the Republican and Democratic Conventions. Outside protests. Little media reporting re same.

Black Lives Matter were out in the hundreds in Philadelphia yesterday. Marched to the fence of the convention center. Things a bit rowdy.

No comment from the media.  One TV reporter did comment last night that things were heating up a bit outside. He thought they were Sanders dissidents who had walked out.

I worry demonstration news is being kept from us intentionally.

The Mosquito Control Board members are an inept bunch. Their values misplaced. The Zika situation has removed their scab.

I wrote a few days ago that the Board paid its employees extremely well. They were in the process of beginning construction of a new $4.4 million building. And…..had approved a 45 percent tax hike

Now, I find out that being a Board member is a good deal. Each board member is paid $24,000 a year. Twelve meetings. Plus, they are part of the State retirement system and receive hospitalization.

Vote them all out!

Hillary officially nominated last night.

The Democratic Convention more enjoyable and better organized than the Republican one. Reflects how one would run the government.

Trump may be getting in trouble over his Putin relationship, if one exists. The rumor is he may have received financing for some of his enterprises via Russian banks.

Wikipedia causing many to sweat. Even Hillary. Money laundering the issue. Involving the Hillary Victory Fund and the DNC.

Today is wednesday. Screw off day for me. I spend saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday researching, writing, etc. Wednesday, thursday and friday are my days off. I even slept better last night.

Enjoy your day!


I wrote about Comet back in December. He did not have a name at the time. He was a 90 pound loggerhead sea turtle found off No Name Key. He could not dive. There was a fishing hook lodged in a rear flipper and his intestines were impacted.

It was off to the Marathon Turtle Hospital. The Hospital named him Comet.

After some love, antibiotics, squid, and other fish, Comet has recovered. Gained ten pounds in the process.

Time for Comet to go home. To the ocean.

Saturday at noon, Comet will be released. The place Higgs Beach behind Salute’s. Join in giving him a rousing send off.

I am beginning to think turtles are as much loved in Key West and the lower Keys as Harry Truman.

Yesterday was an early morning visit with Dr. Lefferts. No problems. Routine visit.

Then to my friend, the anti-gravity treadmill. An experience! I am impressed at my speed. Never tired while running on the treadmill. When it is over, exhausted!

Spent the afternoon researching further and fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show.

Gave in. Predicted Donald Trump unstoppable. God help us!

Spent half the show talking about Saudi Arabia. Our “friend” of many years is twisting and turning. All kinds of things happening re Saudi Arabia.

One is the Saudis are flexing their muscle. Talking big. Viewed as a major player in Syria. Biggest importer of firearms in the Middle East.

My message as with Trump. Beware!

Made mention that Saudi Arabia passed a new law in 2014 which is being enforced. Atheists are considered terrorists. Penalty, death. Nineteen percent of Saudi’s population are atheists.

Atheists have been designated terrorists because they do not believe in the Koran. Koran says this is your religion. The atheists have turned their backs on the Koran and religion.

Such goes beyond death to the infidels. Infidels believe in something. Some god or religion. Atheists, nothing.

Accident prone am I. Broke a toe getting up from my desk last night. Hit it against the desk. No big deal. But, it hurts! Cancels the treadmill for a few days.

I discussed at length yesterday the School Board’s poor handling of the $21,000 theft from day care. This morning’s Key West Citizen’s main article on page one involved the State Attorney’s report. Not enough evidence to charge anyone.

The report bothered me. Not because no charges. Rather, the report named the individual suspected to be responsible. The thief. In detail. In spite of insufficient facts to charge her.

My experience in New York was the prosecutor would issue in a case that had received notoriety a simple…..Insufficient facts to support an indictment.

Glad today wednesday! Past few days tough. Now have wednesday, thursday and friday off.

Enjoy your day!


Amazing! An epidemic! School bomb threats within 24 hours in Key West, Marathon, Los Angeles and New York. Fortunately, all false.

Los Angeles is taking a beating public relations wise for shutting down its schools. Over 1,000 housing 640,000 students. New York police officials suggest an over reaction on Los Angeles’ part.

I disagree. Better safe than sorry. If there had been bombs, Los Angeles would have been praised for having done the right thing.

Monday morning quarter backing sucks.

I spent yesterday afternoon fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Show went well. Hope it was well received. It took place in the midst of the Republican debate. The archived edition is available.

What I describe as the Islamic NATO had to be the most interesting issue. I thought it was. Still very little noise from the media. Morning Joe talked this morning about Turkey and Saudi Arabia being uncooperative/not doing enough in Syria. Why did the show not mention the new 34 nation coalition Saudi Arabia put together to fight terrorism?

Dinner at Roostica.

Watched the Republican debate. Stopped to do my blog talk radio show for one half hour. Then back to the debate.

Right now it looks like Trump is going to be the candidate. God help us! Trump is a bully and thug. Look how he reacts to the other candidates.

9/11 changed our lives. I believe the election of Donald Trump as President would change our lives also. And not for the good!

After years of subjugation to Middle East oil, we are finally on top. The U.S. produces enough oil for ourselves. No more dependence on OPEC thieves.

The U.S. has a ban on oil exports. Republicans want to life the ban. I suspect because the American oil companies want to make more money by being able to sell to other nations. Too bad, I say. A few billion in lost profits will not hurt the oil industry. Better we keep the oil for ourselves so never again will we be under the boots of our alleged Middle East friends.

It is expected Obama will veto any such legislation when presented. It is said there are not enough votes to override a veto.

Pete Rose’s ban reaffirmed. I disagree. He should be permitted into the Hall of Fame. He was banned in 1989. Twenty six years ago. Enough punishment! Murderers generally serve 25 years at the most. Many less. He killed no one.

The United States was born of civil disobedience. Good for America! Continues in our history. Straightens us out when we stray.

One of the greatest acts of civil disobedience was the Boston Tea Party. Occurred this day in 1773. One of the first steps to revolution.

Screw off wednesday! Love it! My day of freedom. My friday.

Enjoy your day!


Wednesday for me is as friday for most others. The end of the work week! Time to take a few days off.

Friday through tuesday are research, writing and radio days. Nine thirty tuesday night ends it for me. The time my blog talk radio show concludes.

Wednesday is a do nothing day. Love it! Some celebrate wednesday as hump day. For me, a screw off day.

Happy birthday Don Manaher! Finally, 40! Ho ho!

Big birthday party tonight at Don’s Place. Seven o’clock. Great entertainment. Larry, Christine, Kathleen, and Ray amongst others. Don’s children and grandchildren. Son in laws to be. And the best of the best, wife Stephanie.

A big time Christmas event this evening. The Lighted Bike Parade. Bikes thoughtfully decorated. Riders, also. Parade itself starts at 6:30 from Bayview Park. To Mallory Square and back to Bayview. Partying  at Bayview begins at 5. Santa Claus has promised to be there.

Spent yesterday researching further and fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A multitude of sins covered. From Helen Sperling and the Holocaust to Pittsburgh police who refuse to be drug and alcohol tested.

An early dinner at Roostica. Love Bobby’s food! Last night sausage covered with peppers and onions in a red sauce. Five pieces. Plus, great bread. All for $10!

Hurried home to watch the Syracuse/Colgate basketball game. Syracuse supposed to win. Colgate nowhere the same class. Last night was Syracuse’s 50th consecutive victory over Colgate.

The score 78-57. Syracuse was supposed to win that big. The team looked better than their last game. Not there yet, however. Rebounding continues to be a problem. Each team had 32 rebounds.

It was Mike Hopkins’ first college victory. He is the acknowledged Boeheim successor. May he have a 1,000 victory career!

One of the most strenuous and exasperating days for me is when I have to renew my drug coverage and supplemental hospital plans. Comcast easier to communicate with.

Monday, I did the drug plan. AARP sponsored United Health Care Plan. Only took an hour this year. Only had to talk to four different people. Waiting between them forever.

I have to do the supplemental hospital renewal. Same company, a different phone number. Tried monday following the drug plan renewal. Hung on the line a good 15 minutes waiting for a body. Listened to suck music. Finally, a recorded voice told me it was better if I tried between 7 and 9 in the morning. I have yet to get to it.

Sea turtles a loved species in the Florida Keys. Everything is done to protect them. We even have a Turtle Hospital. The Turtle Hospital this past weekend hosted the Annual Sea Turtle Workshop. Over 120 attendees. From as far away as Italy.

Enjoy your day!