Some type incompetence perpetrates the area’s public boards and leaders. Simply stated, the blind leading the blind. Gangs that cannot shoot straight.

This morning’s Key West Citizen reports as its main article front page the most recent development  in the missing $21,000 from the Monroe County School daycare program. Superintendent Porter and three other high up school officials have agreed to a five day suspension. A self-imposed suspension.

They did not steal the money. They have tried to figure out who and how to no avail. The State Attorney has been investigating. She is yet to come up with the one criminally responsible.

It appears the School Board needed its pint of blood. The public must know of our concern and that we are doing the job. So they accept Porter’s self-imposed suspension for himself and others.

The self-imposed labeling is a crock. I am sure the Board and Porter and others discussed the matter at length beforehand. The deal leaves the Board with clean hands.

Still, we do not know who the culprit is. That is the person to be punished. The delay argument, etc. does not hold water. I would expect Porter and team to initially deal with the problem internally.

Students must be laughing. The Superintendent getting a suspension. A public slap in  the face. A disgrace. The students learn nothing from the result. Those not guilty receiving a punishment?

Well are students being developed. Not important to find the guilty and punish the guilty. Let anyone take the hit. Someone has to be responsible.


Acquaveda has been with us long enough. Throw off its cloak.

I had to move fast yesterday morning. A trip to Miami to have the car tuned.

The garage door would not open. I had to physically lift it. Me and my bad heart. The door is a hurricane one installed 16 years ago. Heavy. Today’s are much lighter in comparison.

Got it up! Got the car out. Now, to get the door down. Good luck! Heavier feeling and harder to do. Done, however.

Stopped at the Islamorada Fish Company on the way up US 1. A perfect location for lunch. Outside on a covered deck. The sun shining. A cool breeze. The view beautiful.

And stone crabs! The best so far this season.

Left at 10. Returned at 9:30 in the evening.

Tonight is my blog talk radio show. My research not complete. I worked a couple of hours into the late night working on it.

Topics include my opinion that Trump is now unstoppable, Saudi Arabia stating the beginning of World War III if Assad remains, Gates Foundation paying 12 Iowa State students to eat genetically modified bananas, a California town making more money legally raising cannabis rather than operating jails, New York State Police forcing scientists to falsify DNA testing in order to get convictions, Pennsylvania maple syrup farmers losing fight to fracking pipelines, and more.

Join me for an interesting fast moving show at 9 tonight.

I was stuck in the Cow Bridge fiasco friday for 1 1/2 hours. They are working on the bridge this week, also. We are told things will be better. Police will be directing traffic.

I ask why not do the work at night.

I drove home in the dark last night. As I was reaching mile marker 11, I observed glowing lights in the northbound lane. Glaring large lights. It was workers doing what ever had to be done to US 1 at that point.

Who is the idiot that ordered the Cow Bridge work to be done during the day?

The William Hackley saga continues. Today’s report again omits mention of a walk and bath. I suspect it was because Hackley had recently become District Attorney/State Attorney and probably did not have the time.

If so, hope he did not get too close to the judge and jurors.

I got up at 5:30 to start this blog. I have a 10 o’clock doctor appointment and the treadmill at 11. Plan on buying a new cell phone today, if I have the energy. If not today, tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

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