Irma is coming. Will it hit Key West? Looks like it. Only God and two weather fronts can prevent the blow.

I hope my prognostication is wrong. I hope the fronts bend Irma northeast and back into the Atlantic.

Yesterday a first. Irma if it hits not due till saturday. Saw people putting up hurricane shutters yesterday. Normally, a last minute thing in Key West.

What will Louis do? Not certain yet.

I was supposed to drive Terri to Aqua at 5 last night. She was to perform as part of Dueling Bartenders. Got a call at 4. Forget me. Not feeling well.

Ended up meeting the Chart Room’s John for a dinner and drinks. We tried 2 cents on Applerouth. That’s its name! 2 cents.

Happy Hour dinner menu. Half price.

Dinner less than ok. Staff bouncy happy. Always a smile. Service excellent. Atmosphere cozy.

John and I stopped at Dueling Bartenders afterwards. Caught the last half hour. Tom Luna and Rick Dery performing.

Great entertainment!

Spent yesterday afternoon preparing for tonight’s podcast. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. A quick half hour of interesting goings on.

Topics include DACA, three different hurricanes, Megan Kelly a climber, facial recognition replacing credit cards, killer robots around the corner, Netanyahu facing possible indictment, the biggest gold discovery in history, and more.

Trump advises his position on DACA today. Rumor has it he will extend six months and leave the final decision up to Congress. Called passing the buck!

Sad part is Congress hasn’t decided anything important in six months in years.

Venezuela’s President Maduro has requested he be permitted to appear before the UN’s Human Rights Council that begins with three weeks of meetings September 11. He has been granted permission and will appear early in the meetings.

Expect a denunciation of the United States. Perhaps even the UN. Maduro will be calling wolf.

I recall a few years ago when Hugo Chavez spoke before the General Assembly. Bush 2 had spoken immediately before or within 2 or 3 speakers of Chavez.

Things were strained between the U.S. and Venezuela at the time. When Chavez reached the podium, he announced the smell of sulfur was overwhelming. He was referring to Bush’s time behind the podium and how Bush in reality was the Devil.

A step back in history. Geronimo.

Geronimo was a great Indian chief.When the white man wanted Indian lands, he led the fight against them. Over 20 plus years, he was responsible for the killing of many U.S. Army soldiers and settlers.

Geronimo became a public enemy #1. Pursued relentlessly.

Geronimo finally surrendered in September 1886. The U.S. deported him from his homeland in the west. Initially sent him to two different camps in southern States. Finally, resettled him in Oklahoma.

Geronimo saw the handwriting on the wall. He became the good Indian. A successful farmer and convert to Christianity.

America accepted him. Its former enemy. Geronimo marched in President Theodore Roosevelt’s inaugural parade in 1905.

Enjoy your day!





The United States views Saudi Arabia as one of its closest allies. Why, I have never understood. They gave us $4 a gallon gasoline. They may have been behind 9/11. Today, they fight on opposite sides from those we support in certain Middle East wars.

Saudi Arabia for years wanted a seat on the UN Human Rights Council. They attained the seat in 2014. Now less than two years later, Saudi Arabia is angling to be President of the UN Human Rights Council. The election is in December 2015, the new President taking office in 2016.

I view Saudi Arabia’s being on the UN Human Rights Council a mockery. If it were to become President, a greater mockery.

Saudi Arabia beheads people. A well known fact. No question about it.

In 2014, 88 persons were beheaded. Thus far in 2015, 85. The Saudis are running ahead of last year and probably will significantly exceed the 88 number.

Twenty three of those beheaded in 2014 were Christians. There is a Saudi ban on Christianity. A group were practicing their faith in a private home. They were arrested, tried and beheaded. 

Note, this is not ISIS. Saudi Arabia is a recognized independent nation.  A member of the UN Human Rights Council. Hopefully from their perspective, the next President of the UN Human Rights Council.

Thirty eight of those beheaded thus far in 2015 were so executed for non-violent drug related crimes.

Saudis are members of an extreme faction of Islam. Wahabbist. The group is austere in its religious practices and has long been considered a source of global terrorism. Typical of its practices are beheadings in a town square and oppression of women, Christians and gays. The Saudis recently have been jailing innocent bloggers who challenge Saudi Arabia’s brand of Islam.

Nillel Neuer is executive director of U.N. Watch. Neuer recently said that electing Saudi Arabia to head the UN Human Rights Council is comparable to “a pyromaniac as town fire chief.”

It gets better.

A few days before Saudi Arabia’s desire to head the UN Human Rights Council became public, Saudi Arabia advertised for eight additional swordsman. The job description beheading. Apparently the record number of beheadings this year requires more help.

The requirement for the job was singular. To possess a willingness to sever heads of human beings accused of committing crimes. The Civil Service Ministry said no other qualifications were required and that applicants were exempted from usual entrance exams.

The job description included performing amputations ordered by Courts under Islamic sharia law.

The vacancies were advertised on the Civil Service Ministry’s website in the “Religious Jobs” section.

Hypocrisy exists at both ends of the spectrum. 

Saudi Arabia in wanting to head the UN Human Rights Council and advertising for persons to fill beheading jobs. 

The United States has its share of hypocrisy. Certain of our phony politicians and media hype what they consider anti-Christian behavior. When was the last time you heard either group speak negatively where Saudi Arabia was involved? The shame of it all is our politicians and media decry beheadings when ISIS does it. Yet turn their heads the other way when Saudi Arabia is the culprit.

The United States will be asked to support Saudi Arabia’s desire to head the UN Human Rights Council. The United States should not. If we do, the hypocrisy will sound clear. There must come a time when the United States breaks its shackles with Saudi Arabia. Perhaps opposing Saudi Arabia’s desire to head the UN Human Rights Council is that time.


Still under the weather. Antibiotics help. I can tell. Less and less pain each day. Painkillers go out the window today. Can’t stand not being all there.

When confined, it hard to talk about things. This blog is about my life in Key West. My life presently is my bedroom. That’s all there is folks!

I did next week’s KONK Life column yesterday. Took longer. Got it done, however. The title Saudi Arabia And The Hypocrisy Of It All. Interesting material. May surprise you.

I sent it to the publisher. Afterwards laying in bed, a spelling mistake hit me. I talk in the article about the UN Human Rights Council. I referred five times to it as Relations, not Rights.

Correcting is harder to do than writing once in the publishers hands. Two hands, actually. We are working on the corrections today. Started yesterday. Worked on it at 3 am when I could not sleep.

Enjoy your day!