Still on the mend. A bit better each day. Pain considerably less. Almost gone.

Problem is nausea from the heavy antibiotics. Not eating much food the cause.

I am starting to get stir crazy. The need to get out of the house is developing. I look forward to becoming a member of society again.

To top a rather uncomfortable situation off, my air conditioner is screwed up. The thermostat. Does not kick off when temperature level reached. Ergo, I am either too hot and sweating, or freezing cold. My body has become the thermostat. However, it is not as quick nor accurate as a properly working thermostat.

This morning’s Key West Citizen’s Today In history reported an interesting Key West tale.

The year 1829. Charles Hawkins caught William McRea jumping out his wife’s bedroom window. They fought a duel. Both were wounded, but lived.

Several months later McRea was walking on Whitehead Street. Hawkins came up behind him with a shot gun. Both barrels hit McRea in the back killing him.

McRea was charged with murder. An impartial jury could not be found in Key West. The case was transferred to St. Augustine. There were no witnesses available to testify against Hawkins. The judge dismissed the case against him.

Hawkins moved to Texas. Where he became the first Commodore of the new Navy of the Country of Texas.

Bocce. A great picture and great article front page in the Citizen Sports section this morning. The picture of Turtle Kraal, winner of the playoffs. Turtle Kraal beat us in the playoffs.

I knew Turtle Kraal was a big time winner. The article reported even bigger than I thought. Turtle Kraal’s championship was the seventh consecutive one for the team.

An enviable championship record!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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