A parent should never bury a child. An all time truth.

Yesterday, I mentioned  that Michael Shields’ son Jason had died. Today, Joe Biden’s son Beau.

Such sorrow for both men.

Permit me to dwell on Biden for a moment.

Back in the 1980s, I was Chairman of the Board of Visitors at the Syracuse University College of Law. Joe Biden was a Syracuse Law graduate. A United States Senator, he was a frequent visitor to the law school. If there was a football or basketball game when he was in town, he watched the game from my private box at the Carrier Dome.

I got to know him a bit. A good man then I thought. A good man today.

Biden’s first wife and daughter were killed in an automobile crash just after he was elected to his first term in the Senate. A heavy in and of itself. Now comes the death of his son Beau from brain cancer. Another heavy. How much can one man take?

Michael and Joe, may God give you the strength to get through these days.

I went out last night! For me, a big deal!

I decided on dinner at Roostica. The place was jam packed. There was not a seat anywhere. Left and went to Hogfish. Packed also, but a small table was available for me and the newspapers.

I ate. My first for real meal in two weeks. I had been building up to it. Lobster roll and one gin. The lobster roll did not particularly turn me on. It was me, not the food. Interestingly, the french fries did. I am not particularly crazy about french fries. Last night, they were gourmet food.

The one gin was tasteless. Had no effect whatsoever.

I spent yesterday afternoon writing this week’s KONK Life column. Corruption of Politics and Banks. My solution in a nutshell…..Public financing of Presidential elections and break the banks up. An interesting piece. A lot of history involved.

Remember Tiny? The 300 pound 50 year old turtle I wrote about last week. He was front page news in this morning’s Key West Citizen. He was returned to the ocean at Higgs Beach. A large crowd cheering him off.

Peggy Noonan in a column last week in the Wall Street Journal asked this question regarding Hillary Clinton…..Is her victory inevitable or impossible? Food for thought.

Years ago, Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window came out. Starred Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart.

Kelly took a silk negligee out of a briefcase. Or what I thought at the time was a brief case. I still do.

The brief case has been reproduced and is on sale. Referred to as an “overnight case.” Cost, $3,995. Someone has to be crazy out there!

Congress and the Patriot Act. What will be, will be. Personally, I think certain provisions should not be renewed. Senator Rand Paul has it correct. During debate, he said…..This is a debate over your right to be left alone.

Back to the treadmill at 11 this morning. The anti-gravity treadmill. I plan on going slow.

Today is Ally’s birthday. I think 10. Happy birthday Ally! Tonight, dinner and cake with the family.

Enjoy your day!


I was on the road yesterday. Tried to be up and about more than the day before. Got four hours in. 10:30-2:30. Exhausted at the end.

One of my stops was the Farmers Market. Believe held weekly at Bayview Park. A first time visit. Ashamed I had not visited before. A winner!

I have visited Farmers Markets in upstate New York, Alexandria Bay, San Diego, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Athens, Milan, and probably more. The Key West one absolutely the best!

Set in a large u shaped fashion, each tent pleasant appearing and welcoming. Everything! Breads, cakes, honey, Mel Fisher Atocha items, apple juice, candies, fruits, vegetables, jewelry, etc. Vendors a happy bunch.

The food vendors did particularly impress me. Each offered a sample. Next time I visit, it will be at lunch time. I did not partake yesterday. I would the next time. The samples are a lunch in themselves.

My day began with a business meeting. Then a haircut with Lori. Lori and several friends leave today for a week’s vacation in Arizona. They have rented a large house boat. They will be traveling on some lake that meanders through the Grand Canyon. Lori showed me pictures. Wow! The  rust colored rock mountains tall and endless. Their tiny house boat thousands of feet below.

Lunched at the old Lobo’s. Now Conch Island Queen. Best described as a Cuban sandwich place. Situated in tiny Key Lime Square behind Antonia’s.

Cuban toast and water. Still need to watch what I consume. I questioned if the Cuban toast was proper. However, I said screw it and went for it!

Then grocery shopping at Publix. My food intake consists of three levels. Each a different type food. I am entering the third phase. Needed new foods.

My article in this week’s KONK Life is Saudi Arabia And The Hypocrisy Of It All. It became available yesterday on my Key West Lou and Louis Petrone Facebook websites.

This week’s KONK Life carried two new items. The first a photo section which I am told will be part of the paper henceforth. The other a detailed story about Peter Diamond. One of Key West’s nicest persons and premier vocalists.

I close today with the Marathon Turtle Hospital. I frequently mention the turtle hospital because it does such great things.

This weekend two formerly very sick turtles will be returned to the ocean.


Saturday at 10:30 am in Marathon, Patti. Patti is a sub adult sea turtle. She was brought to the turtle hospital months ago emaciated with pneumonia, lock jaw and eye ulcers. Now, cured.

The other is Tiny. A very good time awaits him.

Tiny is a 50 year old 300 pound adult turtle. Turtles live to 100 or more. He was struck by a boat. Beat up badly. Now recovered, he will be released to the ocean sunday at 12:30 off Higg’s Beach behind Salute’s. He is returning to the ocean at a very good time. The hospital manager said…..He is just getting out there in time to start dating and make baby turtles.

What a life!

Enjoy your day!