Still under the weather. Antibiotics help. I can tell. Less and less pain each day. Painkillers go out the window today. Can’t stand not being all there.

When confined, it hard to talk about things. This blog is about my life in Key West. My life presently is my bedroom. That’s all there is folks!

I did next week’s KONK Life column yesterday. Took longer. Got it done, however. The title Saudi Arabia And The Hypocrisy Of It All. Interesting material. May surprise you.

I sent it to the publisher. Afterwards laying in bed, a spelling mistake hit me. I talk in the article about the UN Human Rights Council. I referred five times to it as Relations, not Rights.

Correcting is harder to do than writing once in the publishers hands. Two hands, actually. We are working on the corrections today. Started yesterday. Worked on it at 3 am when I could not sleep.

Enjoy your day!

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