Show time this morning! The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten this morning my time. Worldwide.

Another week of great topics! All interesting! Some challenging! Like politics and religion, Protestant Churches joining Catholic Church re contraception issue, Girl Scouts accused by a Republican state legislator of promoting abortions and homosexuality, and a New Jersey father who burned his State’s flag.

Plus, Dow hits 13,000, the Eastern Airline demise, Battle of the Alamo, the USS Mohawk, a starved Wisconsin girl, a python update, the French and female discrimination, and northern Italy and air pollution.

And more!

Join me at 10 am. Guaranteed you will enjoy!

Yesterday morning started with the dentist. I was apprehensive. I have one major step to go. Thought it was yesterday morning. Was not. Still a month ahead. The dentist wants to be sure my bone and the cadaver bone are joined/fused as one. The x-ray yesterday morning indicated it was.

I was apprehensive because every time there is a major step, it involves pain afterwards. Big time pain! I am still a little boy when it comes to dentists.

Since I could still chew, I headed over to Blossoms. Read the morning papers and enjoyed Cuban toast and coffee. A good business! People coming in constantly.

Spent the afternoon fine tuning today’s Internet show.

Last night, it was Terri and me.

Donna and her daughter Stacey have an 8 o’clock meeting in Miami this morning. They went up last night and stayed over. That left Terri and me to fend for ourselves.

We ate leftovers and sat outside talking about everything. We watched the sunset and enjoyed the cool of the evening.

Terri is one bright lady. Her lifetime range of experiences unusual. Truly a unique person!

Again, please join me for my Internet show at 10 this morning.

Enjoy your day!

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