Sunday, Sunday!  My Sunday was a full and late day. I needed to sleep late this morning. Some idiot telephoned me at 6 AM. Wrong number!

I stopped at the Plantation House in the morning. Coffee and a toasted bagel. Dry, nothing on it. Browsed the New  York Times.

The Plantation House was full of people. My former haunt, the Coffee and Tea House, used to be also. An observable difference between the two is obvious. Plantation is  located on a quiet part of Caroline Street. The  Coffee House on busy Duval. Plantation’s clientele is locals. The Coffee House’s used to be tourists.

Lisa’s for Sunday dinner. Lasagna. Delicious! Enjoyed my grandchildren.  When i arrived, they were doing homework. Both very serious about it. Especially Ally. Lisa served her children cookie ice cream for dessert. She made three dishes. One for Robert, one for Ally and one for me.

Enjoyed the Academy Awards! From the comfort of my bed.

Some observations.

Billy Crystal is getting old. Just like me. He has put on weight and was more rigid than usual. Poor George Clooney. I never heard of Dujardin.The Artist is the first black and white movie to win an Academy award since Wings in 1929. I watch Wings whenever I can. Gary Cooper was an unknown at the time. He had a small part in the movie. Poor Angeline Jolie. The fellow who mocked her was an ass. Angeline could use a good meal.

Panamah Peat died six months ago. I never met him. I never knew him. He was a Key West icon for a number of reasons.

There was a party at the Chart Room last night for Panamah Peat. I did not make it.

Why the Chart Room? It is those holes and brass plates on the bar rail.

Many years ago, well before my time, the locals who frequented the Chart Room decided to commemorate themselvds.They added to the bar rail a small brass plate. Each had one. Next to the brass plate, a small hole was drilled. About 1/4 inch. The purpose of the hole was to hold a small portion of each’s ashes after they were gone. These guys never wanted to leave their beloved Chart Room.

Panamah Peat is one of those holes. Last night’s event was to fill his hole with a bit of his ashes.

Only two holes remain to be filled.

I never got  to meet Panamah. He had a drinking problem and stopped drinking years ago. Thereafter avoided places of temptation such as the Chart Toom. He stopped visiting the Chart Room.

I saw from pictures David Hecht posted on Facebook this morning that it was a great party. I recognized Sheila and Captain Peter.

The Key West Ctizen had a major front page story yesterday morning about Panamah Peat. An interesting life. Reporter John Desantis wrote a great piece. One problem, however. The Chart Room and its bar holes were never mentioned.

Panamah Peat will soon be forgotten. However the Chart Room bar and his ashes will remain. The bar and ashes have become part of Key West folklore. The bar and ashes should have been part of the story.

Tonight Kathleen Peace sings at the Red Barn. She is appearing with Larry Smith. I will be there! Kathleen is the best!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou,

    Ran into your blog a few months back and always enjoy reading about the goings on in my favorite weekend getaway. We live in Fort Lauderdale…a nice place to be from but worlds away from the fantastic laid back life of the Conch Republic. Thanks for allowing the rest of us live vicariously through your daily postings.

    Chad- fort lauderdale

    p.s. Haven't had the chance to catch your radio show but plan on doing so when I have an opportunity.

  2. I just found your blog on twitter. I have only been to key west a couple times, but i am working on moving there. I enjoy reading how things are down there. And I agree on the awards, a silent movie, really. Bill is getting old, but i still like hime and the way he picks at everyone. Have a good tue.
    David, Memphis

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