Key West is blessed. The weather yesterday was perfect. Today’s will be perfect.

Today is Ash Wednesday. It marks the beginning of Lent. Forty days. Ends Easter Sunday.

Lent is a Christian event. Not catholic alone. It marks a time when Christians mourn and fast. When Christians deny themselves a luxury for the good of God.

Historically, Lent is representative of the 40 days and nights Jesus spent in the desert before going out into the world to preach.

Ashes are placed on the foreheads of those who attend Church this day. The ashes are rubbed on in the form of a cross. To signify Christ’s crucifixion. The ashes are made from burnt palms left over from Palm Sunday services the previous year.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans celebrates the debauchery which went on in olden days the night before the start of Lent. Whoop it up was the cry for starting tomorrow and for 40 days, there is nothing. Historically, it was food that one denied himself. People ate big time. The day before Lent is traditionally known for that reason as Fat Tuesday.

Ireland puts Ash Wednesday to good use. It is also National No Smoking Day. Smoking representing the luxury that the populace might deny themselves for the entire 40 days of Lent.

Walked big time yesterday morning. Smathers Beach. Parked my car at the airport parking lot. Stopped into the airport for breakfast afterwards. The airport restaurant has excellent food.

I spent the balance of the day working on Friday’s show.

It was Hogfish for dinner last night. Sat at the bar reading the newspapers.

My house guests had for what will be a usual day for them. Donna sat in the shade of the tiki hut doing business on the phone and Internet. Terri sunbathe. They left at dinner time to start an evening of partying. They are still sleeping as I write.

Syracuse basketball tonight. South Florida. Syracuse should win. Who knows? I shall be watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Bar. Game time is seven.

Enjoy your day!

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