A one o’clock Syracuse basketball game yesterday. Syracuse won! An exciting game for Rutger fans. A  gut wrencher for Syracuse fans.

Syracuse won by 10 points. 74-64. The score does not reflect the game. With 3 minutes to go, Syracuse was up by only 2 points.

I watched the game with Dan and Scott at the Sports Page Bar.

Afterwards, I headed over to Lisa’s. I arrived as Lisa and family were leaving. They were on their way to a 3D kids film at Tropic Cinema. Do you want to go? I said no. I have reached the point in life where I cannot handle any more kid movies.

I stayed at Lisa’s alone quite a while reading the Sunday papers.

It was back to Publix again. Needed bread and yogurt. Saw a banana pound cake. Succumbed and bought it also.

My life changes today! Donna and Terri arrive!

The change is for the better. I will have Terri singing all day and dancing around. A private performance each time. My own Sound of Music.

Politics has always been bad. It is starting to stink. Too much religion. There is supposed to be a separation of church and State. Beware. We could slide into a Salem witch hunt atmosphere. Don’t say no way. Anything is possible in our at your throat governmental era.

Something I would like to know. Why this war on women? Is it envy? Do our male leaders wish to live in a society such as exists in the Middle East where women are subservient? I am beginning to think some of them would like our women to wear head scarves, black robes and not be permitted to drive.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Have you seen some of them drive? Dana Patrick, they ain't. And some of you old goats ain't much better.


    When think of politicians, remember they are like farts. A great wind signifying nothing.

    And, if voting made any difference, then it would be illegal.


    p.s., it's "rutgerS" with an S at the end.

  2. I think if it's a war on women, it is being waged by the Catholic bishops.

    This is not about Republicans opposing birth control, it's about Obama stepping on the Catholic doctrine and imposing policy that is against the Church teachings.

    Many of these Catholic institutions are self-insured, so it is they who have to pay for the birth control treatments.

    I think if Obama gets a second term, he should just go all out and expand Medicare for all. Then figure out how to pay for it. I never hear Medicare recipients complain about their coverage. We are the richest country in the world, we should be able to provide health care coverage for all.

  3. Lou, sometimes I wonder why I still read your blog! I am a woman and it is not a war on women. I want less government in my life!!!

  4. Lou, I am afraid of more church in my life than I am more government! ! Women are reading your blog because you speak wisdom and truth. Thank you. XX:)

  5. Interestingly, it is a War on Women when the right wing assails reproductive rights and attempts to criminalize abortion. That is about as intrusive as government can get. No sane person likes or desires abortion but the attempt to make it a crime again and drive women underground again to third world black market doctors is terrible.

    What I would like to see is where are the real alternatives to abortion such as a massive adoption incentive program on a national scale? We can spend money by the billions to blow people and babies up overseas but cry foul around abortion? No billions to incentivise adoptions? Morals are very personal and it is profoundly un-American for anyone or any group to preach their beliefs and then legislate them so all must do as they say.

    This looks like a form of right wing Sharia law to me and it is extremely dangerous.

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