Nothing is moving outside. Going to be a warm day.

I boxed yesterday morning. Hit the big bag hard. Felt good afterwards.

Napped and worked a bit the rest of the day. Did some additional preparation for tomorrow’s Internet show. Ten o’clock my time.

Syracuse basketball last night. Watched the game at the Big Ten Sports Bar.Watched with Dan and Lisa and their friend Paul. Paul is a dentist from Auburn, NY. Also an artist. Has been spending his mornings in Key West painting. I think he would like to close his dentist doors and paint full time.

A crazy. Syracuse played Southern Florida. Syracuse won 56-48. Too close. The Vegas line was 16 points.

Syracuse was down at the start of the game 20-7. Then Syracuse went on a 25 point run. 25-0 run. Impressive.

Syracuse let up after the run and several times Florida got close. Nevertheless in the end, it was Syracuse by eight points.

Connecticut next. Saturday night.

We all went to Don’s Place afterwards. Dan, Lisa and Paul had walked to the Big Ten Bar. Gave them a ride to Don’s Place. Put the top down on my Volkswagen convertible, packed them in and away we went.

Not too many people at Don’s. Todd bartending. Russ came in. His birthday.

I had one drink and left. It was sleep time for me.

I have a dentist visit this morning. I am not a happy camper. I suspect there will be some gum cutting.

Enjoy your day!

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