Yesterday afternoon, it was the gym. With the trainer, Corey Aman. He beat me up. Increased my weights on everything and the number of times I had to do each exercise.

With one of the routines, I lie semi prone on a bench. I lift two 8 pound weights up over my head and down again. I had been doing 5 pound weights. Three more pounds felt like a ton.

There was a fellow next to me. Doing the same exercise as me. Except his weights were 60 pounds each.

How could I complain! I will tell you one thing however, there is no way I will ever be able to lift 60 pound weights! I don’t care how long I work out!

I spent the balance of the afternoon writing a column for KONK Life. It will be published in the edition that comes out a week from Thursday. The topic is pythons. A problem most are unaware of. They are coming out of the Everglades and have already reached Key Largo. Soon the middle and lower keys.

I wrote my column sitting outside in the shade of the tiki hut. Donna and Terri with me. We were all busy and engrossed with whatever we were doing on our respective computers.

Last night was a fun experience. I was Don and Stefanie’s guest at the Rooftop for dinner and then Kathleen Peace’s show at the Red Barn. Dinner was great. Scallops over a crab cake. Company good. Bill Schrufer was with us.

Kathleen did the show together with Larry Smith. They fit each other. Like a glove in a hand. They have played and sung together about 15 years. The performance was outstanding! I personally love Kathleen and think she is one of the best singers I have ever heard. She brings joy to my heart and to every one who hears her.

I learned an interesting thing about Kathleen last night. She chit chatted between songs. Kathleen never took a singing lesson nor can she read music. Wow!

Enjoy your day!

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