Timing is everything.

When I woke this morning, I stepped outside onto the second floor balcony of my home. The sun was  rising, just breaking the horizon. A bright orange ball. Set against the back drop of a few gray clouds. The sun reflecting on the water in a straight line all the way to my home.

A God is good moment!

Big night last night!

I started with the Chart Room. Good friend Emily bartending. Sean and Katherine at the bar. The best of people. We talked of many things, one being their soon to be June wedding.

Sheila arrived. Blew us all away! She had a new hairdo. Cut and all. She looked terrific!

Visited with a ton of people.

Cheryl and Roger at the bar. Love ’em!

Robby and Lois.They were at the Chart Room looking for Key West Lou.

They are from Banville, Pennsylvania. Here for six weeks. If I recall correctly, they met in high school in Banville. Robby was a senior and Lois a junior. Husband and wife, they are retired teachers. We spoke of Indiana basketball. The memorable1987 Final Four game with Syracuse. And that substitute named Smart who made a shot he could never make again to beat Syracuse. It still hurts!

Robby coached middle school basketball. He new Bob Knight personally. They met first at a basketball clinic.

Nice people. I look forward to their company again in the next few weeks..

I finish talking with one great couple and another takes their place. Kathy and Terry. From Durango, Colorado.They were hoping to run into Key West Lou, also. My ego was up last night.

 He a doctor and she involved with music. A charming couple. They both are originally from Arkansas. Our conversation centered on Bill Clinton, of course. I sense Kathy and Terry will become Key Westers on a permanent basis at some point in time. They have visited Key West on numerous occasions in the past.

I was hungry. Walked over to the Wine Galley to eat and listen to Larry Smith perform. As usual, the Wine Galley was jam packed. I was fortunate to find a seat at the good end of the bar.

Big night guest wise. Author Mike Dennis was in attendance with local icon and contractor Paul Toppino. Two classy gentlemen in their own right. However, it was their guest who drew the most attention.

Donna Meade. A relatively young beautiful woman. Donna was Jimmy Dean’ wife. Yes, that Jimmy Dean. Country music singer and sausage maker. Jimmy passed away about two years ago.

Donna is a singer of note in her own right. She sang for us. A lovely voice.

I would say it was a good night last night. Got to chat with many people. Some I knew, others I met for the first time.

Between last night and the rising sun this morning, I feel good!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hey Lou,

    What happened to the pictures you planned on adding to the blog? Yesterday's sunrise and the many friends you met with last night would have made for some great photos.

    I know you have enough on your plate but don't give up on the photos, I think they would make a great addition to your blog.

    Thanks for the great blog, hope you are well.

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